MTV Brings ‘Invincible’ Comic to Screens

Jul 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

MTV New Media and Gain Enterprises are teaming up to bring comic book superhero Invincible to iTunes, mobile phones and MTV2, the New York Times reports. The first 36 issues of the comic will be transferred through a process known as Bomb-xx by mid-Sept., the newspaper says. The first six installments will preview at Comic-Con next week and be available for downloading and viewing on MTV Mobile and MTV2 beginning Aug. 22, the newspaper notes.
—Vlada Gelman


  1. The first episode has been leaked and man was I impressed. I think that their style is unique and the collaboration of the music, animation, sound effects, and voice overs work extremely well to create a fantastic outcome. I am really amped to experience the rest of these episodes. There’s only one reaction to this project, THAT’S WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT!

  2. I agree with you wiseone. I was intrigued by what I’ve seen so far. Because this will be a show, I think it will attract ppl who arent normally interested in comics. I personally like this because its keeping the traditional comic format but giving the comic “life” as well. I’m keeping my eye on this one.

  3. nice. this is big news. invincible coming to animation. its a big deal and i think this is a great idea. what has been released so far is pretty exciting. keep them coming.

  4. sounds great. looks great. this will be highly sought out for comic book lovers like myself. keep on keeping on.

  5. awesome job. great to see that a company puts in lots of energy to make this project a masterpiece.

  6. pretty good. pretty good. obviously needs some touching up throughout the process, but the scoring was unbelieveable and the animation exceeded my expectations so far.

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