Verizon Dogged by ‘Pit Bull’ Phone Ad

Jul 23, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Verizon Wireless has received complaints from animal groups for an advertisement for its LG Dare phone depicting chained, angry pit bulls lunging at an intruder, Advertising Age reports. Verizon Wireless says it won’t pull the ads, which have been condemned by the Humane Society and PETA, among other groups, the magazine says.
—Danny King


  1. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves. Pimping a great dog breed to sell phones. Perhaps you could hire Michael Vick to do your advertising when he gets out of prison for doing the same sort of thing. I hope you lose a lot of business over this. Apologies not accepted since you refuse to pull the ad.

  2. Stick to your guns Verizon…Pit bulls should be labeled wild animals and anyone who is blind to that should be ashamed of themselves.
    Working in news I consistently see stories of pitbulls, not german shepards, or chows, or even rotweillers attacking people and sometimes even killing them. The amount of pitbull attack stories is remarkable.
    Any city that has the guts to ban them I salute and any company that gets the point across of how vicious they are has my business.

  3. Bill, Since you work in the news, you should know that the media loves to latch on to one thing and stick with it. No, you do not hear reports of people being attacked by other breeds, because I don’t think the news will care about the people who are attacked by chihuahua’s, toy poodles, labs, or any other non-publicized breeds. But it happens every day. The dogs on this commercial are “actors” and are perpetuating a negative image of an animal that has proven itself to be an amazing search and rescue dog.
    Remember after The Omen came out, the world wanted to ban Dobermans’s? It is the power of perception created by a falsehood.
    Please try to open your mind and consider that the “news” you are a part of should revert back to the original intent of media…portray BOTH sides of the story. You harbor resentment for a dog breed that you obviously have not researched.

  4. Sorry…done the research, consider myself objective….worked with kennels and ASPCA and spoke to many professionals…all I can say is as much as these people loved dogs, they all were extremely cautious and careful of the pitbull more than any other breed because of what they’ve experienced with them, their aggressiveness and their trait of turning on an owner or handler.
    You can defend them all you want, but would you leave you kids alone in room with these
    “misunderstood” animals…I don’t think so.

  5. I trust my dogs with our kids. I trust my dogs completely. We’ve trained them properly.
    Not sure where you’re getting you ASPCA info, they too are supporting the ban of this commercial. This is the first time since 2004 they’ve asked a company to pull an add. They also fully support banning breed discrimination.

  6. Well if you trust your pitbull with your kids then I wish you the best…you’re so in love with your dogs you’re blind to the truth about the breed and that hidden “trigger” they have inside them that makes them turn on the innocent.
    No ill feelings to you..but really… good luck…you can consider me ignorant if you wish, but I consider you and all pitbull owners the ignorant ones…owners who are simply rolling the dice with this dangerous breed of animal.
    Google pitbull attacks…there was another one today.

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