Graphic Overload on ‘Grace’

Oct 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

When CNN Headline News’ “Nancy Grace” is on, viewers are bombarded by a dizzying number of graphics and imagaes, the New York Daily News says. Other newscasts suffer from the graphic overload as well. The paper took a poll of readers and found nearly 70% felt there was just too much going on on the television screen.
–Jon Lafayette


  1. The cable news folks, (all of them), have over-loaded the screen for years.
    I suppose someone on twenty speed drinks needs the constant visual stimulous to give their darting eyes something to spot check, but any normal human winds up being distracted from the main thrust of the subject matter center screen.
    This frenetic display reaks of an underlying insecurity that viewers will go away, that the main subject is not enough.
    If everyone has done their job, the main subject will do the job to hold the viewer. Period.
    Peter Bright

  2. I , also, donot like all the graphics that TV stations are using, including local channels. These graphics take up 1/3 of the TV acreen at times. It is so rediculous. We viewers are able to see and her what is going on. I find the graphics to be very distracting to me, as a viewer. The scroll at the bottom with one graphic would be appropriate.
    Is there anything that we as,viewers,can do to have TV stations cut back on over using graphics??

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