‘Lights’ Draws Few Viewers on DirecTV

Oct 8, 2008  •  Post A Comment

DirecTV’s broadcast of the season premiere of “Friday Night Lights” may have only attracted 400,000 of the satellite TV service’s viewers, but the airing still marks a win for the show, the New York Times reports. “FNL’s” audience is down sharply from the 6.2 million who watched on NBC last season, but it stacked up as the seventh-ranked basic cable show seen by DirecTV subscribers during its timeslot, the paper says. DirecTV will show new episodes of the series over the next four months before the “Lights” makes its season three broadcast debut on NBC in February, an arrangement that kept the critical darling alive.


  1. I’m a DirecTV subscriber and I can’t remember seeing any special promotion for the airing of this series.
    With all the opportunities that Direct had, one would think I would have been saturated with promos – but no!
    All I can remember seeing are Direct sports packages and specials on Direct’s channel 101 being pushed!

  2. I’m also a DirecTV subscriber, and I saw a lot of very slick promotion for Friday Night Lights, both on-air and in print. One problem: I had no idea on what CHANNEL the series aired. I actually wanted to watch, but couldn’t figure out when and where it was being broadcast.
    The spots were beautiful and richly produced, but they forgot the basic rule of tune-in promotion: tell people when the damn show was on…

  3. The show is/was on channel 101. If you really wanted to see it, there’s this magical thing called the internet where you can go for more information.

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