Viacom to Pull 19 Channels Off TWC

Dec 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Viacom is threatening to pull 19 of its networks off of Time Warner Cable in a dispute over fees for the channels, TelevisionWeek reports. If the two sides don’t reach agreement today, Viacom will yank the channels and run ads blaming Time Warner Cable for the disruption. The spots will feature characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants from its shows on its networks, TVWeek says.
—Greg Baumann


  1. Yes you deserve more money. The Daily Show and Spongebob have become huge in popular culture, and you should be rewarded. But, please, please, do not interrupt service or remove from the air the very few programs (The Colbert Report and the Daily Show) that rival main news sources. They are the place where we always find the right measure of criticism and humor. We need them. America needs them.

  2. Thanks Christy. Posting your banal thoughts once was brave. But to send them 4 times..absolutely brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. You are the undisputed leader in insipid quad posts. Keep up the mediocre work.

  3. I think it’s pretty obvious it was erroneously submitted four times… douche

  4. Time Warner Cable’s refusal to even consider Viacom’s proposed 25%± increase in carriage fees is an action deserving of commendation and a medal. If Viacom wants to demonstrate how much these channels are worth, unpackage them, set a price for each, have TWC add on it’s costs and a modest profit, and agree to an optional carry contract based upon some drop number like less than 10% of cable customers in a service area. Give the same contract to all carriers, cable and satellite. We’ll see if anything but Nick, MTV, and Comedy Central can survive. (And maybe not all of those.)
    Most certainly the time has come to let me subscribe to Comedy Central and dump the rest of those. If I really want to watch Spongebob, I’ll go to the Nick web site.

  5. Michael O’… Could not agree more. Neither I or my wife watch any of the MTV family. (We did, way back in the day, when MTV actually ran music videos) Nor do I/we care about Spongebob. We do watch Comedy Central and Nic but for very short periods each day. I think your idea is one with alot of merit. Problem is as I see it, Cable companies know they would get crushed if an Ala Carte option were provided. I dont care that I have 7 spanish language channels. I don’t like the fact that my cable fees subsidize these channels for their primary audience. I have a hard enough time realizing that the ESPN Family charges some of the highest fees and still averages 18 minutes, 40 seconds of commercials for each broadcast hour. And what is up with my local network affiliates running so many infomercials on the weekends from 9a to 12p? They get carriage fees from my cable company. Can’t program for the kids or public interest? Really? Hey Local affiliates. You don’t own that freq! The American Tax Payer does. You are just using them under licence with the understanding that you devote a portion of your broadcast day to children and public interest. If the economic model for broadcast television is failing and local news is losing numbers, you should look at yourselves. You screwed this up, not the viewers. It just seems that Broadcast suits want to double and triple dip where ever they can. Greed, it’s killing our economy as sure as Chaney and his co-horts are.

  6. Hey Bob,

    do you have an opinion or did you just take a break from jerking off to barnyard porn to send a frivolous comment.
    I hope you feel better about your life now that you randomly talked shit to someone on the internet without stating any point whatsoever. Thank you for contributing a bit more bullshit to the world we live in.
    Bob the internet police, keeping the world safe from accidental multiple posts… you done good bobby.

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