CNN Drops to Third in News Race

Mar 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

CNN is about to drop to third place in the primetime cable news race, the first time that’s ever happened since the network was launched almost 30 years ago, the Associated Press reports. In March, first place Fox News Channel is up 30% and MSNBC is up 24%, blowing by CNN, whose ratings are flat, the wire service says. CNN’s sister network HLN, is up 62%. The New York Times notes that he news networks are being stoked by politics.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. CNN needs to bring back the news crawl. It’s impossible to get news from them: ‘Lawyer held for stabbing wife’ — where? when? who? They’re breaking the basic rules of journalism & boring us too.

  2. CNN needs to get back to news. Back to reporting news from the middle of the road. I use to watch them exclusively but found they didn’t match my views of the world. For instance the reporter covering the TEA Rally this week was so extreme and rude… just report the facts, let the viewers come to their own conculsions. A couple of years ago I switched to Fox because they were more mid stream with views from all sides. They still are for the most part but now I find so many times they are too extreme the other way. I still watch though because more time than CNN their broadcast allows me to make an itellegent, informed decision.

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