Glenn Beck Brings Strong Ratings to Fox News

Mar 5, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Glenn Beck has been seeing ratings highs for his Fox News program, the Los Angeles Times reports. Afternoon show “Glenn Beck” averaged about 2.2 million viewers during the month of February, ranking only behind Bill O’Reilly’s and Sean Hannity’s evening programs, the newspaper says. The ratings bump comes as Beck’s conservative perspective seeks to challenge the new administration under President Obama, the Times adds.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. How or why anyone watches this show is amazing. Glen is a hypocrite, a liar, and never checks his facts. Of course, that’s indicitive of all the commentators on Fox News.

  2. Glenn’s show is fantastic and growing by the day.
    Obama doesn’t want the public to tune into Glenn because he’s so good at exposing the smoke-and-mirrors used by the administration.

  3. Mike you have either never watched the Glen Beck show or you are just a complete idiot. Which one is it Mike??

  4. Mike, you need to coax your neurons to start firing which would enable you to think, and comment, in a more coherent fashion….your comment is sophomoric and reeks of someone who is drunk on left-wing Kool-Aid…

  5. Excuse Mike’s ignorance… He works for “Media Matters”.

  6. well, mike, it seems that since you can state your position (glenn beck is a …..(fill in the blank) but cannot defend it with facts, it would seem that you are probably the liar and hypocrite and never have any facts to check at all. if you cannot defend your argument, and calling names is not a defense, then there is a fallacy in your reasoning and you simply have to reduce yourself to calling names because you have no facts to back your position up. sorry mike, but you are a buffoon who lets your ass overload your brain and then open up your mouth to spew forth such stupid remarks. grow up. shut up. listen and learn. then speak with reason and facts, not some b.s.

  7. Mike, Glenn scares me. Why? He speaks the obvious that everyone on the Obamamania train wants to ignore. He is a self educated man who DOES research his topics and then reports them. Like it or not he is right. I wish I could be one of those who sticks his head in the sand and ignore the obvious but I can’t. What should scare you is there are more of us than there are of you. We will be ready, you will not. That is very unfortunate as I want every American to want the best of times but be ready for the worse. Everyone one needs to fail once or twice to learn how to succeed. Hopfully you will learn from your failures.

  8. Glenn Beck is one of the most human and genuine people in media. I’m glad he’s doing well.

  9. I like to know how many of you commenting against mike is conservative voters…… figures

  10. Glen Beck is awesome! I like it when he cries. I love compassionate conservatism. Hey, the special kids need a place at the table. You know Jerry Springer had great ratings once. Lets see…we have Sarah, Bobby, Eric, Glen, and Joe….The Republican wilderness is looking more and more like a Jonestown minus the free love and drugs. Nonetheless, they have plenty of hallucinations to go around….BWHAHAHA. Oh the freedom to laugh out loud.

  11. for the record, Glenn was a conservative now he is a libertarian. Glenn brings an interesting perspective to the table and gives a forum for people who are fed up with the socialist agenda of the left. I am with Glenn 100%! Thanks to the left in this country we will never be the same again. I for one have no government figure that represents me, they only represent themselves. I was a conservative but now I am on my own and I still think that Beck Rocks, take that pinkos!

  12. Glenn Beck is purely common sense and, like Bill O’ Reilly, is no spin and let’s conservatives “have it” just as liberals. As he says, “I am a conservative, not a Republican”.

  13. Glenn Beck is the ONLY person in the media I can trust! He should scare all of us…because he tells the truth. Every single thing I have heard on his radio or TV show I have been able to validate through fact checking. He brought to light the violence on the Mexican border before it was chic to do so. He is not a Democrat or a Republican. He is an American. And most importantly, he is not a mindless lemming like a majority of Americans. If anyone took the time to research his past shows, you would find that all of his thoughts on what would happen to our economy, our dollar, our Congress, our image to the rest of the world…all of it, is coming true. You might not LIKE what he has to say, but the man speaks the truth. Passionately – because he loves his country and like me, feels like the country we love is sadly, slipping away.

  14. I’ve listened to Glenn Beck and many others for years (including liberal talk show hosts). I evaluate what they say, check facts and then decide where to spend my time. Glenn does criticize Republicans. He is Libertarian. Many lemmings in the U.S. just hope for the best ….and now see what we have. I’m very concerned about mindless American’s who can’t think for themselves. If the facists who want to kill us are not called terrorists, then what are they?

  15. To Mike the first poster. Glenn Beck gets it right. My guess is that you see a hypocrite and liar every morning when you shave.

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