Ted Haggard, Wife on ‘Divorce Court’

Mar 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Former evangelical minister Ted Haggard and his wife will appear on the syndicated program “Divorce Court” on April 1 to talk about their marriage, the Associated Press reports. The couple is interviewed by the show’s judge, Lynn Toler, and say they want people to understand that divorce isn’t the answer, the news agency says.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. Divorce is the answer to many questions. When you live with the same person for years, it is not surprising that over time you will become bored with each other. Relationship difficulties are inevitable, but if you don’t work on them, nothing good will come of it. You and your partner should understand and feel each other, otherwise what is the point of marriage? If you have been tormented for many years and understand that you no longer want to be with this person, you can file for uncontested divorce Florida. Divorce is the beginning of a new phase in your life.

  2. It is best for people to understand each other during their life together, but if they do not understand the language of love for each other, it will sooner or later lead to complications, and later to divorce itself at best. Therefore, in my opinion, it is not understanding the language of love of your partner in most cases that causes divorce. And if it’s an example of divorce in Texas, it will take a long time

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