Fox News Too Tough on Obama?

Apr 24, 2009  •  Post A Comment

According to a new poll, 18% of Republicans join 44% of Democrats in saying that Fox News Channel has been too tough on President Obama, the Associated Press reports. The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press also found that 16% of Americans said that both CNN and MSNBC has gone too easy on the president, the AP says.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Interesting that this is framed as Fox being too hard on Obama instead of CNN and MS-NBC being too EASY on Obama. Spin, spin, spin.

  2. I agree with Doug. All of the other stations have ignored most of the problems he’s had since he’s been in office. But I’ve heard a lot from the media about how good looking he is and how stylish his wife is and what a great new dog those adorable little girls have. Please!
    Until the Mainstream media steps up and starts reporting in a SERIOUS AND HONEST manner, I hope Fox keeps at it. Someone needs to keep this liberal Democrat in check. I wish I could get Fox. The others have lost my respect because of how they do not report the news. I feel like I’m watching the TV version of People Magazine.

  3. The media wasn’t tough enough before the election, now it needs to catch up. I would be willing to bet the people that feel sorry for the abuse Fox is giving to Obama are expecting a handout for their mortgages or health care. They don’t care that it is going to ruin our economy for generations while the government puts money in the pockets of the people who don’t work while taking it out of the ones who do the work and provide the jobs. Obama isn’t Robin Hood and people need to wake up before any more major damages can be done. Fox wouldn’t be at the top of Cable News if people aren’t getting worried about this new President. Don’t like it, don’t watch and regret it later.

  4. Doug is right – if you play the same statistical games they used to generate the headline, the same story could be published with the headline “Nearly 2 in 10 say CNN, MSNBC too easy on Obama.”

  5. So . . . Fox News ISN’T part of the mainstream media? I mean, I hear that phrase “the mainstream media” a lot from conservative commentators as if 1) they’re not a part of the mainstream and 2) they’re not part of the media cycle which are both inaccurate charges. Fox News is just as mainstream as CNN, and they’re not above criticism.
    Fox News IS biased towards conservative ideologues just as MSNBC is biased towards liberal ideologues. CNN actually is more level than their competitors and has outlets dedicated to liberal (Anderson Cooper), moderate (Campbell Brown), and conservative (Lou Dobbs) viewpoints on a nightly basis while their competitors are either left-leaning (MSNBC), right-leaning (Fox News), or sensationalistic (HLN). MSNBC has been a little less critical towards the president, but don’t say that Fox News AREN’T more critical towards him.
    All the years of Fox News commentators saying that “if you’re not supporting the president, then you’re not being a good American” suddenly evaporated once someone who isn’t in line with the network management’s core conservative philosophies took the office.
    One more thing. Hooray that Fox News are “getting high ratings,” even though it’s already been proven the Nielsen ratings system is flawed, misleading, and doesn’t truly represent the diversity of the country (the average Nielsen household is white suburbanites with a household income of over $300,000 a year). Three million viewers is impressive in a country of over 200 million viewers. Spongebob Squarepants gets 45 million a week, but three million is fine too. Wait, does that mean that 197 million people AREN’T watching Fox News?

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  7. Doug & Donna,
    Respecfully, the respondents to the poll cited above indicate Fox is biased because they are. One example:
    Fox News commentators were all over President Obama after Hugo Chavez walked over to him at the April 17th Summit of the Americas and shook his hand.
    In 2002 did Fox jump on President Bush for shaking hands with Uzbekistani President Islam Karimov, whose government the US State Department cited for a range of human rights abuses? Of course not, despite evidence that the Uzbeki NSS police commonly used torture, rape, electric shock and beatings to obtain confessions.
    The far-right slant of Fox’s “news” coverage is more than obvious, even to conservatives, and has less to do with “fair & balanced” than it does twisting fact to promote a GOP agenda.

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