Odds and Ends for $200: You do What!!?? His Mom Said With A ‘Poker’ Face

Aug 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

G4 will be airing a new show later this month titled "2 Months, $2 Million." It will follow the exploits of four young men —professional poker players all— who put up their own money and try and make $2 million over 2 months playing poker online.

Here’s one of the young men, Emil, 26, talking to reporters during the TV Critic’s Association’s summer tour last week, explaining what his parents think about what he does:

"Out of the four of us, I probably come from the most conservative backgroud. Both of my parents were born in India. And they’re like very conservative, trypical Indian parents. I ended up actually taking a year off of school to play poker professionally. But I went back and got my degree finally.

"But when my mom first found out how  much money I was winning at poker…her first reaction was…"Emil sit down right now and teach Dad how to play."

—Chuck Ross

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