Odds and End for $300: On New TV Show Whoopi Goldberg Says Birds Do It, Bees Do It, and Termites Do It Too

Aug 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

About the closet any of us has ever gotten connecting Whoopi Goldberg to science was her role as Guinan on the old "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Indded, when Goldberg made an appearance last week before the summer press tour of the TV Critic’s Association, it was as executive producer of a new show on Discovery’s Science Channel called "Head Games."

Goldberg, who is one of about a dozen people to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, spoke right away about her heretofore secret love of science

"[I] can see by your enthusiastic response it seems a little surpring to you hatthis would be something in my forte. It is not. I love science. I think science can be an should be taught in in intelligent, fun way…."

Later, Goldberg was asked to talk about something she didn’t know before she learned it through this new science show.

"[L]et me ask you a question. if you take a Bic pen and you make a line in the sand and you put one termite [by the line] is the termite going to follow it? 

Reporter: I don’t know.

Goldberg: What if you took a hundred termites? So you think they’d follow it?

Reporter: Yeah.

Goldberg: The answer is yes. You know why?

Reporter; No.

Goldberg: Because something in the Bic pen smells like apheromone of a termite. Yes. Not only do termites do it, but they smell each other while they’re doing it. This, I thought, was shocking."  

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