Parents Television Council Takes Issue With TV-14 Rating for ‘Mad Men’ Premiere

Aug 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

AMC has been chastised by the Parents Television Council for giving AMC’s "Mad Men" only a TV-14 rating for the premiere episode last Sunday, according to Time magazine.

The group specifically cited "a shot of a character’s hand going down into the underwear of another character for sexual stimulation, a half-naked woman whose hands covered her breasts just before insinuating that she had sex with another character, and a graphic scene with a prostitute that repeats several times, ‘I’m gonna cut your dick off and boil it in hog fat’” as reasons why AMC should have given AMC a more stringent rating, one that would advise parents to keep children under 14 years of age from watching.

–Allison J. Waldman


  1. Yes, really, because 14 year olds have never heard the word dick, have never seen a semi-naked girl, and don’t know that gay people exist.
    Stay classy, PTC.

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