Huh? What? Jon Says ‘the Media’—Though Not TLC—is ‘Exploiting’ His Kids. Hmm. Last Time we Looked the Media was Certainly Exploiting Jon and Kate (Mostly With Their Full Cooperation), But the Only Ones Exploting the Kids Are JON and KATE!

Sep 1, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Are we wrong here? Jon Gosselin reportedly is blaming the media for "exploiting" his kids,  Access Hollywood says in this report.

–Chuck Ross

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  1. Without the media’s willing participation, Jon and Kate would be left to send out tweets and updates on their Facebook pages; instead the media treats each thing they and their kids do as more important than the health care debate.
    No, without the media, Jon and Kate would literally be minor reality show celebrities and that’s it.

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