The Funniest Video We’ve Seen in Awhile, From the Summer’s Craziest TV Show

Sep 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

WIth the summer starting to wind down we want to show you what we think is the season’s funniest video.

It’s from the show with the zaniest premise we’ve seen in a long-while: Cartoon Network’s "BrainRush." The idea of the show, if you haven’t seen it, is that it’s a quiz show on a roller coaster.

Kids are asked questions as they ride roller coasters, with the host sitting next to them. The host is Larome Morris, and the coasters are at Knotts Berry Farm, which is near Disneyland. And yes, the show is as much as a hoot as it sounds.

Check out this video. The coaster is the Silver Bullet at Knotts:


  1. I saw a clip of this show on Joel Mchale Soup. Ive not been able to watch it bc comcast STUPIDLY put cartoon network on premium tier. Stupid comcast.

  2. That clip was funny, but the premise of the show would seem to wear thin after a while.

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