Doesn’t Scripps Already Have One Food-Focused Network? Soon It Will Have Two

Oct 9, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Foodies who think the Food Network doesn’t have enough actual cooking shows on the air may soon get their wish: Scripps Networks Interactive will turn its existing Fine Living Network into the Cooking Channel next year, reports Multichannel News.

The network, which will make the transition in the third quarter, will focus more on instructional cooking shows, and topics such as baking, ethnic foods, wine and healthy cooking, complementing its sister Food Network, which has ramped up the personality-focused and reality shows in recent years.

–Elizabeth Jensen

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  1. My first though is “Wha…?” But it makes sense, as they’ve moved away from anything useful and into those silly competitions (“Edible Cereal Bridges?” “Disney Pixar Villain Cakes?” WTF?), they can now serve the constituency that built the Food net to begin with … those who want a usable takeaway. Basing it at Chelsea gives them economies of duplication, as I’m betting this new venture won’t require a whole lot of new personnel or even effort. And if it’s not very imaginative, well, they’ve done okay with DIY, proving you can still make money with boring programming if it’s cheap enough. And one thing Scripps is, is cheap.
    They’re not unaware that other networks are developing channels to serve the audience they’ve largely abandoned.

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