ESPN’s ‘The U’ Its Most Watched Documentary

Dec 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

ESPN’s broadcast of Billy Corben’s documentary "The U," which aired Saturday night after the Heisman presentation, was the most watched presentation of the "30 for 30" series.

The film earned a 1.8 Nielsen rating (2.368 million viewers), making it the highest-rated documentary of all time on ESPN. Overall, "30 for 30" averaged a 1.0 rating.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. Finally, America is realizing that the U is a HUGE TV draw and always has been. (3 out of the top 5 highest rated ESPN college football telecasts) Now let’s hope TV executives, bowl selection committees, and poll voters wake up and accept it. Notre Dame having its own network? PLEASE – they have not been a relevant team in college football for 20 years. SEC getting the biggest college football TV contract ever? People are going to lose their jobs over that one. They may be a strong conference this year and certainly do the best job of PR and hype, but they are sure to lapse into mediocrity now that King Tebow is gone. The U ushered in a whole new era of college football and has defined it over the last 20 years while helping to build ESPN into the empire that it is. At least ESPN execs were smart enough to save the best of the “30 for 30” for last. I’m sure it had more to do with the high ratings of the Heisman telecast than anything else. The U Network anyone?

  2. All people and parties involved in the Miami program know three things: 1) they operate in one of the most dynamic entertainment areas in the world and there is plenty to keep people entertained so they better not waste people’s time; 2) they are a small private school that can’t afford to waste money; 3) there is enough local talent, when properly coached and guided, can excell and compete with the best. I am not surprised ESPN made the most of the opportunity to tell a story that needed to be told just as it happened.

  3. One Community; One Family; One U! Go Canes!

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