Report: More than 200 Companies, Including Apple, Won’t Advertise on Fox News’ Popular ‘Glenn Beck’

Mar 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Controversial Fox News host Glenn Beck is drawing viewers, but his views are making it difficult to lure advertisers, the Washington Post reports.

The Post reports that more than 200 companies have boycotted Beck’s show and refuse to advertise during it, forcing Fox to sell time to direct response companies like 1-800-Pet Meds and Goldline International.

Some companies, like Apple, have gone a step further and boycotted the entire network. Fox News executives said they believe they could charge more for the ad time if Beck were more advertiser-friendly.  


  1. I’d like to see the list of the 200 companies, so I can see which ones I will not deal with again and which ones will hear from me to change their ways or lose me as a customer.

  2. Beck is in this to relay his views to as many people as he possibly can. The more people that watch, the greater reach available for sale to advertisers.
    If the demographic you are trying to reach watches Beck, why would you not want to reach them with your message?
    If Beck used an Apple Computer like Rush Limbaugh, maybe Apple wouldn’t be so critical of the messenger. I don’t want an advertiser who is the Censor.
    Advertising envolves getting your message to as many people as you can, as cost effectively as possible.
    I’m sure there are those who think Beck is a wack job that needs to be censored, and that, as Beck points out himself every time he sees it, is “UnConstitutional”

  3. Hey Newshack!
    No one wants a small- minded bigot who hates America so they won’t miss you!

  4. Why is any of this a surprise or a news story at all? Beck is a demagogue and a liar. Not much for any sane corporation to hang its public relations on.

  5. This reminds me of my course in radio sales years ago. When the prospective customer says, “I don’t like the music on your station,” your comeback is, “Well I don’t like to eat fishworms, but when I go fishing, I wouldn’t bait my hook with anything else. If the listeners like our music, and you want them to visit your store, why do you insist they behave just like you?”

  6. Hmmm, who’s the small minded bigot here?

  7. The bigger question is why a two week-old hit piece in the Washington Post is suddenly “news” to TV Week.

  8. only Fox ad sales folks care about a boycott.
    glen beck is a hater and …distorts the truth. he is a modern day hitler of sorts. point blame and pray off of hardship.
    the more hardship the more the scapegoat tactic works.
    unlike hitler he appeals to republicans who really have no leadership, biggots who hate blacks and the simple folk who just don’t know, want an easier life. a trifecta of support.

  9. Dennis — Yes, advertising is about reaching your audience, but it is also about brand management. Mr. Beck can create a pretty ugly atmosphere to juxtapose a product next to. By advertising on his show, Apple could, in fact, be undoing their own work. Come on, man — Apple is a calculative company. I’m sure they weighed their options.

  10. I hope that these companies don’t advertise on Keith Olbermann’s Show or Ed Schultz. Oh wait, these companies probably agree with these two guys so they probably will. That’s the real reason. Not that these Op-ed shows are divisive or polarizing, it’s that they agree with one side or the other. Hypocrites.

  11. It’s not that simple. A company has to worry about it’s image. Back in the 1990’s, when Current Affair (with Maury Povich) was the top rated syndicated series, the show I was working on was the #2 syndicated series. Supposedly, we were getting twice the advertising rate as CA, because we had a much more tasteful show.

  12. I think they’ll survive the loss.

  13. Well, if within a year our pets are MUCH healthier, then we’ll have Glenn Beck to thank!

  14. It’s a big country. Still plenty of advertisers out there who will pay to advertise on his show. So whether you hate him or love him, Glenn Beck isn’t going away anytime soon. Be thankful we live in a nation where this situation and dialogue are possible.

  15. Bottom line… if you like the shows, and the characters, (or is that caricatures?!?!) on FOX News Channel, support their advertisers, and if you don’t…Boycott them. The same thing goes for MSNBC, vote with your $$$$$$ because that’s all these huge corporations know anything about!! Money talks, and Bullsh*t walks!

  16. Dan is right on. We have a very polarized nation with a large divide based on half truths and distortions. Personally I just want elected representatives who really give a damn about free market economics. Better yet elect economists and not lawyers. If it wasn’t for capitalism then none of us would have a computer to enjoy the discourse.

  17. glenn does his homework hes a good honest man with VALUES and cares about the country

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