Dish Network Drops The Weather Channel, Starts its Own Weather Service

May 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Dish Network dropped NBC Universal’s the Weather Channel after contract negotiations broke down and has started its own network to deliver weather coverage, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. 

The service will run 24 hours and was created because Dish said the Weather Channel had been adding movies and entertainment programming while focusing less on weather. But the Weather Channel has another story: the negotiations broke down over price. Weather Channel had been asking a monthly increase of about 1 cent per customer, Reuters reports.  

With Dish dropping the network, the Weather Channel will lose about one-sixth of its U.S. viewers. Dish programming chief Dave Shull said the company’s new weather network, Weather Cast, will offer more specific local weather forecasts, something its subscribers had wanted. The Weather Channel said it had been able to provide such a service for satellite TV.



  1. Good for Dish! I am increasingly disappointed with Weather Channel because of the movies, “Storm Stories” type programs, etc. It’s frustrating when you want or need current weather info. Also, this past week they spent an entire prime time playing with their new tech toys in Texas (which was interesting for awhile) while there was severe weather elswhere which was barely covered

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