Despite New Ways of Making It Easy to Watch Movies on TVs, Most Consumers Don’t Want to Buy Films

Oct 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Los Angeles Times looks at how new consumer-friendly devices and services such as Apple TV have made it easy for consumers to watch movies at home on their television sets, but how few consumers actually buy films. 

DVD sales have plunged after reaching a peak of $20 billion in 2006, while online rentals have been accelerating, the story says. U.S. consumers will rent 37.7 million movies online this year, at a cost of $3 to $5 each, the story notes, citing Screen Digest. That represents a roughly sevenfold jump from 2007 and doesn’t include the 300 million videos streamed by Netflix’s online service, it adds.

So why the shift? "Rentals provide the same experience for the same price as a DVD from Blockbuster without requiring people to get up from the couch," the story says.


  1. In my case, my DVD buying has slowed because most of the films I ever wanted own have been released. I suspect this is true of a great many other DVD buyers as well. The economy isn’t helping matters either.
    I buy what I know I will re-watch, seldom blind buy and hardly ever rent a film.

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