Why Fans of ‘Breaking Bad’ Are Getting a $22.99 Refund

Sep 25, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Apple made an announcement that will be good news for some fans of AMC’s "Breaking Bad." The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports that iTunes users who bought season passes for the show’s fifth season are eligible for a $22.99 credit.

The move comes after some fans became upset upon learning their purchase of a "season five" pass was good only for the first half — eight episodes — of the show’s split final season. The drama series, which airs its final episode on Sunday, split its fifth season into two halves of eight episodes each.

Some iTunes users were upset when they found the service wanted essentially two payments for the last season. A separate purchase was required for the final eight episodes, billed as "the final season," the story reports.

That led to anger among users — and a lawsuit from one customer, the story says. Apple has apologized for the confusion, noting that customers will receive the credit.

"’Season 5′ costs $13.99 for standard definition and $21.99 for high definition while the final episodes cost $14.99 for SD and $22.99 for HD," the report notes.

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  1. Gee, Amazon and Vudu are charging the exact same thing Apple is and separating Season 5 and The Final Season the exact same way. Why isn’t someone suing them? Also, it is AMC and Sony, who labelled those (8) Episodes Season 5 and the last (8) episodes The Final Season. Why didn’t AMC/Sony label all (16) episodes Season 5? Apparently, Season 5 only consists of (8) episodes!! I just bought Season 5 on Blu-ray from AMC/Sony and guess what, I only got (8) episodes!! I suppose that is Apple’s fault as well. I guess I should sue AMC/Sony because I purchased Season 5 on Blu-ray and only received (8) episodes.
    Guess what, to purchase the final (8) episodes of Breaking Bad from AMC/Sony I have to purchase something called The Final Season. Gee, AMC/Sony calls it that, NOT APPLE!!
    If these Apple customers only paid $21.99 for Season 5 (8) Episodes then they got exactly what they paid for. Did Apple promise them a specific number of episodes?

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