Broadcast Net Pares Back Female Masturbation Scene in Drama Series

Oct 15, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A controversial scene that appeared in the original version of an episode of a broadcast drama has been pared back. EW.com’s Inside TV reports that the CW’s period drama "Reign," about a young Mary, Queen of Scots, downsized a masturbation scene that featured one of her ladies-in-waiting.

The website reports that the scene was included in an earlier version of the pilot that was seen by reporters. "But the final cut of the episode that was recently sent to critics and will air on the network this week has been toned down," the piece adds.

After watching a "bedding ceremony," one of Mary’s teenage ladies "assures she’s alone in a secluded stairwell, hikes up her gown, reaches under and starts … yep. Her self-pleasure is unexpectedly interrupted by none other than the King of France (Alan van Sprang), who smugly offers his assistance (‘May I?’) and takes over," the story says.

"But now viewers see the barest suggestion of Kenna’s actions in a few quick shots, then [the] king’s hand snatches hers from her lap," the report notes. "The moment went from a clear ‘I can’t believe they’re actually showing this’ to ‘Was she doing what I think she was doing?’ It still might inspire an outraged Parents Television Council press release (what doesn’t?), but probably won’t result in parents watching the show with their kids actually having to have any awkward conversations."

reign cw ladies in waiting.pngMary’s ladies in waiting on "Reign"

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  1. For those that wonder why the Networks continue to lose audience to Cable, here is a great example. The cable channels see crappy press releases by the Parents Television Council as good promotion for their shows. Not as a reason to go back and cut the scene so that it isn’t clear what is going on.

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