Low Ratings May Translate to Early Cancellation for Six More Shows

Oct 30, 2013  •  Post A Comment

As the fall season progresses, it’s becoming clear that some shows remain unable to gain traction in the ratings — with six more broadcast series likely "to shuffle off, joining fall casualties that began with ‘Lucky 7,’" reports TheWrap.com.

"We hate to say a show is doomed. We really do. But we don’t take it lightly, and we’ve never been wrong," the story notes.

Here are the six shows TheWrap predicts will soon be ending their runs:

"Hostages," CBS: "The 15-episode series won’t be back for more because NBC’s “The Blacklist” is crushing it on Monday nights at 10," the story reports. "CBS isn’t known for keeping underperforming shows around, but seems content to let ‘Hostages’ finish its run because of the star power of leads Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette — and perhaps to avoid offending the mighty Bruckheimer."

"Trophy Wife," ABC: This Tuesday night comedy is pulling only a 1.9 rating in Live + 7, the story notes. "As it stands, it would take the power of the Avengers, the Watchmen, and the X-Men to keep ‘Trophy Wife’ from becoming an ex-show," the article says.

"Sean Saves the World," NBC: "’Sean’ is the lowest-rated comedy on broadcast television that hasn’t been canceled yet, except for ABC’s ‘Neighbors.’ Why is it still on? Because NBC has a good relationship with its star, Sean Hayes … Hayes may have tested that relationship last week when he blamed NBC’s low ratings for his low ratings," the story reports.

"Betrayal," ABC: "’Betrayal’ is another ‘limited-run series,’ and unfortunately, its prospects do indeed look limited," the piece says.

"Neighbors," ABC: "’Neighbors’ is low-rated even for a Friday show, averaging a 1.2. As we mentioned above, that makes it the lowest-rated comedy on TV. We hate to rub it in with a corny joke, but hey, it’s probably our last chance: The neighbors are moving out," the article notes.

"The Carrie Diaries," CW: The piece reports: "We hate to put this endearing show on this list. But its second season debuted to an anemic .2 rating Friday, which is low even by CW standards. … Even the show’s ‘Sex and the City’ connections don’t feel sufficient to keep it alive."


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  1. ABC should have renewed “Malibu Country” (which was airing on Fridays last fall), and canceled “The Neighbors.”
    “Malibu Country” starring Reba McEntire and Rita Morena, was a much better show (and had much better ratings), than “The Neighbors” has on Fridays.
    As for NBC, they might want to swap “Sean Saves the World” with the “Michael J. Fox Show” on Thursday nights. Why is the “Michael J. Fox Show” (with a 22-episode commitment) buried on Thursday night schedule at 9:30 pm ET.

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