Aereo Blasts Broadcasters in Supreme Court Brief

Mar 27, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The Internet-streaming service Aereo had harsh words for broadcasters in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying that its transmissions aren’t public recordings and asking the court to rule its service legal, reports TheWrap.com.

The story notes, “In a reply brief responding to earlier filings in the court case, the subscription streaming service accused ABC, CBS, NBC and other TV networks fighting its service of engaging in ‘problematic’ claims and ignoring consumers’ long-standing rights to make copies of free over-the-air telecasts.”

Aereo argues that because it uses individual antennas for each household, its TV transmissions aren’t public recordings and thus don’t violate copyright laws.

“Petitioners object that Aereo is a sort of Rube Goldberg device — a clever way to take advantage of existing laws,” the brief said. “But designing technologies to comply with the copyright laws is precisely what companies should do.”

The brief was filed leading up to the Supreme Court’s hearing of oral arguments on April 22.

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