Why NBC Asked Kathie Lee Gifford Not to Discuss a Certain Topic on ‘Today’

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Kathie Lee Gifford says NBC has asked her not to discuss a particular topic while she's co-hosting the "Today" show. The Associated Press reports that the subject of Gifford's new line of wines is off-limits.

Gifford has an agreement with the Scheid Family Wines of Monterey, Calif., to produce wines, which now include a Gifft chardonnay and a red blend.

“They let me announce it and then they've asked us to please not discuss it right now," Gifford said. "We're in the middle of the big takeover of a major corporation. I think they just want to be — and rightfully so — very careful. Everybody wants to dot i's and cross t's and you notice the wine is still sitting there but they've just asked me to be a little careful while they're under great scrutiny and I'm happy to do that."

NBC’s corporate parent, Comcast, is seeking approval to purchase Time Warner Cable.

Gifford added that, despite the presence of alcohol on the show, she doesn’t drink that much. “That's been outrageously satirized — the amount," she says. "It sits there."

A rep for "Today" didn't elaborate, saying only: "We love and support Kathie Lee and as always, we let her comments speak for themselves."

"Gifford and Kotb talked about the wines on 'Today' last month, but on Monday's show, Gifford mentioned she would be making a number of personal appearances but said she couldn't say what they were for," the story notes.

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