Kim Kardashian Will Get a Lot Richer This Year, Thanks to One Huge — and Surprising — Source of Income

Jul 16, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Kim Kardashian is poised to get a massive infusion of income — far more than she made last year — from a source that some will find surprising: her new online game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The app is set to make $200 million from its advertising and in-game sales, with 85% of the money coming from “microtransactions,” in which users buy items in the game for their avatars, reports New York Magazine.

That means Kardashian may make about $85 million from her cut of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, given that she receives about 45% of the game’s net profits, TMZ.com reports. While a straight 45% cut would mean $90 million, there are also expenses to deduct before Kardashian’s cut, but those expenses wouldn’t exceed $10 million, TMZ notes.

That leaves Kardashian with far more than she made last year, given that Forbes pegs her 2013 earnings at $28 million, the story notes.

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