CNN Anchor Calls Fox Nation ‘Willfully Ignorant F***sticks’

Aug 1, 2014  •  Post A Comment

A CNN anchor has a term for Fox Nation: It’s a bunch of “willfully ignorant F***sticks,” according to TheWrap.com, which reports that the description came from CNN’s Bill Weir.

Weir was responding on Twitter to a post on Fox Nation, the opinion and aggregation site for Fox News, the story notes. The piece had a headline that read, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.” The story was from the Washington Times and noted that Gore, who has linked climate change to hotter weather, was greeted with 58 degree weather.

Weir wrote, “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant f***sticks.”

bill weir

Bill Weir


  1. While Mr. Weir is certainly correct in the differentiation between climate and weather, name calling makes him appear as willfully ignorant as the people he is criticizing. Journalist report news, poorly raised children resort to name calling.

  2. Ok, so maybe calling them names is stooping way down to the level of those he’s criticizing, but he is right. Those people are WILLFULLY ignorant.

    And what poorly raised children are watching CNN?

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