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David Gregory Is Out at ‘Meet the Press’; NBC News Names His Replacement

Aug 14, 2014  •  Post A Comment

After much speculation that his ouster was imminent, David Gregory is indeed exiting his post as moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

NBC News President Deborah Turness announced that chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd will take over the key post. USA Today reports that Turness sent a memo today to staffers announcing the appointment of Todd, soon after Gregory announced on Twitter that he planned to exit the show and the network.

“The switch in moderators is not surprising. Rumors of a change have swelled recently, coinciding with a decline in ratings for the Sunday political talk show, the longest-running program on network television,” the report notes. “Todd will take over the show on Sept. 7. NBC News veteran Andrea Mitchell will moderate the program on Sunday and will ‘continue to be a central figure of the broadcast,’ as will some others whose names will be announced shortly, Turness wrote.”

Gregory, who took over the show in December 2008 following the death of “Meet the Press” fixture Tim Russert, is exiting NBC after two decades with the network.

In her memo, Turness wrote of Gregory: “Under his leadership the show has had a string of exclusives, and David has shown a remarkable gift for holding leaders to account and getting answers on issues that matter to our audience. He is an outstanding journalist whose sharp intellect and quick sense of humor have made him a pleasure to work with.”

Turness also had high praise for Todd, who will remain as NBC News political director but will hand off his post as chief White House correspondent for NBC and as anchor of the MSNBC show “The Daily Rundown.”

Turness wrote: “There is no one with a bigger passion for politics than Chuck. His unique ability to deliver that passion with razor-sharp analysis and infectious enthusiasm makes him the perfect next generation moderator of this beloved broadcast. Chuck will ensure that ‘Meet the Press’ is the beating heart of politics, the place where newsmakers come to make news, where the agenda is set.”

Gregory said in one of his earlier Twitter posts: “I leave NBC as I came — humbled and grateful. I love journalism and serving as moderator of MTP was the highest honor there is.”

chuck todd

Chuck Todd


  1. Todd tries to impose his fringe right ideology on every program he appears. I definitely won’t be watching MTP.

  2. Oh no! Dreadful choice. Chuck Todd is nice guy, but so weak. David Gregory was a true journalist and will be missed. I will certainly be leaving “Meet the Press” and heading over to “This Week”!

  3. There is no “fringe right” ideology with Chuck Todd. What are you smokin’ man??? It’s tough to replace a legend, and Russert was universally respected by both sides of the political aisle. That’s hard to accomplish in this day and age.

  4. Tim Russert’s unfortunate demise was first: a sad blow to his family. Beyond their sorrow, was our collective loss of a politico-media goliath, who had a good grasp of all the BS, and the creators of same, inside The Beltway.

    No one comes to mind to have filled that enormous void.

    I like, and have high regards for the abilities of David Gregory, but he was not the right choice for the job.

    Chuck Todd will have to come out from behind that scruff he insists on wearing on his face. (I know in this HR over conscious day it is unwise to ever comment on facial hair, but the truth is few can wear it on camera and carry it off. Wolf Blitzer being an example of one who can).

    The job requires the curiosity and challenging nature of a good reporter and in the next breath the stand out, up right stance of an advocate married to a cause as a way to create confrontation in-the-moment with the on camera guest.

    As I have written before, MEET THE PRESS got its name because that was literally what occurred on camera. The title has not fit the form for years. OK, I get it the title is the longest standing icon and therefore will not be changed.

    Mr. Todd is a smart guy and known around DC. It will be up to him to use his razor sharp abilities on his guests (and his chin).
    Peter Bright

  5. I will most likely stop watching my favorite Sunday morning talk show because David Gregory will not be there! I simply do not trust Chuck Todd to moderate w/o his own personal slant and zero personality. Hope David turns up on another competing channel and watch the ratings of MTP take a nosedive! We will miss you, David!

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