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Older Viewers Are Watching More Digital Video

Sep 8, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Digital isn’t just popular with children and young adults, as Nielsen data reveals that people 50-64 years old are also watching more digital programming, The New York Times reports.

That age bracket watched an average of 19 minutes of digital video per day in the second quarter of 2014, up from 11 minutes a day a year earlier, according to Nielsen figures. The age group has also shaved its TV viewing time by 6 minutes, dipping down to 6 hours and 12 minutes per day.

“Media executives closely scrutinize the viewing habits of children and young adults in an effort to forecast future changes in the business. But the new research underscores how technology is fast upending the media habits of all viewers — not just younger people,” the story notes.

The Times reports, “Digital viewing is growing most quickly for adults older than 35.

“Younger viewers are spending much less time in front of the television screen and more time watching digital video. Children 12 to 17 are spending about 2 hours and 43 minutes a day watching television — the least amount of time of any age group.”


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  1. I definitely have one foot in traditional OTA television and the other in digital streaming of programming. My wife and I use Hulu and Netflix regularly, filling in with Amazon Instant Video when needed. I also feed my anime addiction with subscriptions to the Anime Network and Crunchyroll, two major streaming anime sites. Not to mention the “TV” in my computer room is an older computer with a digital tuner card. It feeds a 21″ LCD monitor and a cheap surround sound system and gives me OTA TV, streaming media and a PVR.

    Oh, yes… I’m 62 years old.

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