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Spinning Icons Added to Netflix and Other Sites to Protest Proposed FCC Rules

Sep 11, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Netflix, Reddit, Tumblr and other sites added spinning icons to their websites Wednesday to demonstrate support for stronger net neutrality rules, reports Bloomberg.

The story reports: “The event is meant to draw attention to a proposal by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that would weaken protections that ensure Internet service providers can’t favor one form of content over another. It comes amid consolidation in the cable industry that has crystallized concerns over access to users by independent content creators.”

The demonstration was organized by the Free Press Action Fund, which is asking consumers to sign a letter addressed to lawmakers.

The spinning wheel is a “dreaded symbol” that sites show when data is attempting to load, although the icon was merely symbolic as part of the campaign, notes Social Times.

“Protest organizers are hoping this stunt will motivate Internet users [to] take notice and take action ahead of the Sept. 15 deadline to submit comments to the FCC, which has already received over a million comments since opening the issue for public feedback in April,” Social Times adds.


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