Warner Bros. TV Readies Pitch for ‘Longmire’

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In the two weeks since A&E unexpectedly canceled the fan favorite drama “Longmire,” Warner Bros. TV’s Warner Horizon has been putting together a pitch to sell the show to another network, reports Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com.

The pitch will include the series’ performance and the producers’ plans for the fourth season, with the cable division of Warner Bros. TV planning to speak with both digital and cable networks.

“I hear Netflix and Amazon are expected to hear the pitch. Subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu would be perfect for a show like ‘Longmire,’ which has a large but somewhat older-skewing audience,” Andreeva writes. “‘Longmire’ was A&E’s most watched original scripted series of all time, averaging 5.6 million viewers in Season 3’s most current ratings, a slight dip from Season 2’s nearly 6 million average despite a much weaker lead-in.”

Andreeva adds: “Interestingly, I heard there were no plans for Hulu to hear the pitch. Hulu also had been considered a strong possibility as its new head of content, Craig Erwich, developed and sold ‘Longmire’ while running Warner Horizon.”

The story adds that those plans could change, and that Yahoo remains a “remote possibility.”

As for cable, TNT is said to be not interested. That network had originally developed “Longmire” and passed on it before A&E bought it. AMC could make sense, given that the drama would fit with its “Hell on Wheels” series, the story notes.



  1. Don’t cancel Longmire. It is one of the best series on TV.

  2. The “complaint” Longmire is skewed to older viewers? Hint to networks: Boomers are retiring in droves, have time for TV, and maybe half the wealth of our nation. 28-45 are busy juggling family and work–the 18-49 crowd no longer has time or money. Helloooooooooooooooooooooo????

    AMC or NETFLICKS may understand. The rest?—- you can’t fix stupid

  3. One of mine & my husband’s favorite shows. We are baby boomers, but aren’t we a large enough group to matter? This is a great show. I sure hope it’s not cancelled, or at least picked up by another network.

  4. LONGMIRE! …bump, bump …LONGMIRE! …bump, bump…LONGMIRE! … bump,bump … LONGMIRE! Get it we like Longmire

  5. I like Longmire I hope someone pick it up.

  6. Longmire, great original show unlike all reality shows, cooking etc. The baby boomers are a giant viewing audience. A&E, bad move to cancel but hope a network picks it up. Super writers & cast. Bring it back!

  7. What was A&E thinking? We love Longmire, so I guess that if A&E does not love it enough to keep it in their line-up, then we will not be watching A&E. Old people don’t like to be treated this way.

  8. We Love Longmire! There are fans getting together here to help find It a new home.. one that appreciates them and their audience.
    Join us for our next media social stampede! Tuesday, September 16th.. Storming FB and Twitter~ #LongLiveLongmire
    Thank you for your article, Good Luck Warner Bros TV Pitch!

  9. I am so tired of these stations taking off good shows and replacing with shows that try to see how much “sexual content” that can get on one show!! Done!!! Will not watch a&e anymore.will not enable these stations anymore.

  10. one of the best shows on tv. please bring it back!

  11. This is the best show on TV, Are you saying that the older Generation does not deserve a Good clean show, I look Forward to this Show every Monday Night.
    In other words the older folks don’t matter

  12. No Longmire……..No A&E for me. Great show. Longmire for president!

  13. One of the best series in a long time. Not just for baby boomers but great for all ages that want TV viewing that challenges the mind…
    unlike cheap reality shows.

  14. It is hard to hear that we Boomers aren’t worthy of really good series that we recognize as fresher than most. Obviously A&E once again lacks good judgememt. I really wish Duck Dynasty could have left them during all that controversy regarding Phil. They bent to public wishes then so hope they will again. Let’s keep letting them know their mistake! BRING BACK LONGMIRE PLEASE!!!!!

  15. Longmire is one of the only best shows on TV. I am in the 40-50 age group. My opinion is, this age group
    loves good TV. The younger age group could care less. They are more interested in their phone or games on the computer. Help!!! Someone please give us back Longmire.

  16. Decision difficult to comprehend. Older viewers have, in general, more to spend (much of what the desired demographic is spending is from older viewers. Need not worry about our age, we will probably live longer than most TV Series.

  17. I still miss watching Longmire. It was one of the best programs on TV. I love Lou Diamond Philips. Why can’t another station pick this up I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the same. I know it has been a year since it went off the air without even finishing the episode. This was just not right to the cast let alone the people who watched it all the time. Please bring it back.

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