President of Professional Golfers Association Forced to Resign After Sending ‘Sexist Tweet’

Oct 24, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The President of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), Ted Bishop, “has been removed as president of the PGA of America over a sexist tweet directed at [English golfer] Ian Poulter,” reports the Associated Press.

Bishop was unhappy about comments Poulter made in his book about the Ryder Cup captaincy of Nick Faldo in 2008 and Tom Watson last month. Bishop said Faldo’s record stands by itself. Comparing it with Poulter’s achievements, he referred to Poulter as a “Lil Girl.”

The exact tweet Bishop sent out on Thursday read:

@IanJamesPoulter -Faldo’s record stands by itself. Six majors and all-time RC points. Yours vs. His? Lil Girl. @NickFaldo006 @pgaofamerica



  1. Tempest in a tea pot? Not so…the gentlemanly sport of golf should not have idiot simpletons such as Bishop leading the way. Good to hear he is gone! Now if we can get NFL’s Goodell to follow suit, the world would be a better place (the sports world).
    Get rid of hoodlums in the NFL (there are plenty who skated on college scholarships who never read a book) who frequent bars and nightclubs and wind up beating people, shooting people or knocking defenseless women around. A pox on all their houses!!

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