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Comcast Shareholders Give Nod to Time Warner Cable Merger

Oct 9, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Comcast shareholders have approved the company’s plan to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Shareholders voted 99% in favor of the acquisition, Comcast said. The approval was expected, the publication notes. Time Warner Cable will hold its shareholder vote on the merger today, Thursday.

“After shareholders give their approval, the deal still needs the go-ahead from U.S. government regulators who are trying to ensure that the combination of the two cable heavyweights would not harm competition and consumers,” the story says.

If the deal closes, the firm would serve 30% of the country’s TV households and about 40% of those with broadband service.


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  1. This merger CANNOT be allowed to happen. There is simply no “public interest” in any of the possible outcomes of this disastrous behemoth combination. Why is anyone taking this seriously? Even beyond the obvious “collision of two garbage trucks” that the track record of the two separate companies proves, the power, both market and political, that the combined company would have is beyond anything that should be acceptable to the public. Sure, the “stockholders” have approved. The merger is in NOBODY’s interest except the executives and shareholders. NOT YOU!

    Our entire governmental structure will be shown to be completely corrupt if this merger is allowed to happen. There are no “concessions,” “conditions,” or “promises” that would make it acceptable.

    The new “Comcast” will come for your wallet more than any tax increase you ever thought of. A multiple thousands of dollars per year “tax” increase for internet service within three to five years, the industry is predicting $200-$300 per month, just for internet service–and you are not getting any vote on it. The companies themselves are publicly predicting this. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!

    Vote for Congressional candidates in November that have promised to stop it. If yours haven’t, GET TO THEM, NOW! Vote for the other guy if they don’t promise to STOP THE COMCAST MERGER.

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