Zucker Ready to Try Something New at CNN

Oct 28, 2014  •  Post A Comment

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker talked about what may be the next move for the cable news channel as it continues to hunt for a solution to its ratings woes. Variety reports that Zucker said the network is open to airing scripted movies under its CNN Films unit.

Zucker, who made the comments at a lunch promoting CNN Films documentaries, said the network doesn’t have imminent plans to order scripted movies. He also noted that “some people would find it odd” to find movies on CNN, but also said he wouldn’t be opposed to it.

“CNN would hardly be the first network to bend its format to accommodate scripted fare,” the report notes. “History, for example, broke from its niche first with unscripted series and eventually with miniseries, movies and even scripted dramatic series, such as ‘Vikings.’ In addition, Fox News Channel did experiment back in 2007 with a satirical news program, ‘The 1/2 Hour News Hour,’ which was quickly canceled.”

The network has also expanded its documentary-style programming, the piece adds. CNN Films has raised its profile by commissioning and acquiring documentaries such as “Blackfish,” which focused on killer whales in captivity.

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  1. Here’s an idea for something new:


    • You’ve got that right, Scott.

      Zucker is in the wrong position at the wrong network…I’m not so sure he belongs at ANY network.

  2. Wanna air scripted garbage? GO WORK AT USA NETWORK.

  3. How about leaving CNN?

  4. Zucker succeeded at one thing in his career…as Executive Producer of Today. The Peter Principle launched him into countless career defeats including taking a once-prosperous NBC into last place…from which they’ve never really recovered. Movies on an all news channel? Brilliant, Jeffy. Someone at Turner better punch Jeff’snticket before it is too late. If it isn’t already

  5. How about truly unbiased, unpoliticized news based on deep investigative reporting? This country needs a true news organization that is not afraid to seek out the facts then present them openly to everyone without any bias, period. News agencies are supposed to be the organizations that monitor the operations of our government then provide the masses the facts….not spin…not talking heads applying their own critiques. Give us the raw facts and let us make our own interpretations. We don’t need new organizations doing interpretations for us. If a news outlet cannot fully provide truly objective, transparent information, they should consider closing their doors or go serve Hollywood.

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