Netflix Chief Predicts the Death of Broadcast TV — and Gives a Date

Nov 24, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The head of streaming service Netflix gave a date for the predicted death of broadcast television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings indicated that broadcast TV will probably die by 2030.

The article quotes Hastings saying: “It’s kind of like the horse, you know, the horse was good until we had the car. The age of broadcast TV will probably last until 2030.”

Hastings also commented on newly announced moves by Nielsen to measure viewing on Netflix and other streaming services.

Hastings reportedly said of Nielsen’s plans: “It’s not very relevant. There’s so much viewing that happens on a mobile phone or an iPad that [Nielsen won’t] capture.”

THR notes: “According to a Wall Street Journal report, Nielsen will use content’s audio on televisions to identify shows, but the measurement will not include mobile devices. Nevertheless, the ratings data could have a big effect on negotiations for streaming rights for Netflix and rival Amazon.”



  1. When and if over the air broadcast TV bites the big one, it will be at it’s own hand. It is always about content, and when you take several months off in the “middle of the season” and destroy the viewing habits of those hard earned viewers, you lessen your importance to them.

  2. I hope wherever Mr. Hastings lives there isn’t a natural disaster or other event where he might like to have some idea what is going on as it happens. Can’t see Netflix having a local news operation.

  3. Chuck makes a good point. Netflix isn’t set up to provide local news and event coverage. It also isn’t set up for sports in all of its local and college and regional formats. Broadcast may not carry the major drama hits by 2030, like it has in the past; but like radio and print, it will adapt and find new areas where it can be successful. And sports and news are two of the major ones.

  4. I doubt it by then netflix will cost more than $100.00 a month, and by then just to have the internet will cost over $100.00 a month and it will be too expensive for anybody on social securtity to afford. so if OTA television is gone so am i.

  5. I’m planning my retirement around this right now! You boys can play with your little HDMI dongles and Roku boxes. We’ll take our Klystrons and 30 KV beam supplies with us when we shut off the lights.

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