Obama Launches Push to Protect Net Neutrality

Nov 10, 2014  •  Post A Comment

President Obama came out with a video (watch it below) and detailed statement today announcing his plan to protect Internet neutrality, urging the Federal Communications Commission to step up its regulation of broadband providers, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Obama said the “strongest possible rules” will be required to ensure that access to the Web does not become a two-tiered system with fast lanes and slow lanes, the story reports.

“In a detailed statement and video, Mr. Obama called for bright-line rules that ban broadband providers from blocking websites or cutting deals with content companies for better access to consumers, known as paid prioritization,” the story reports. “The statement was his strongest and most specific comment to date on net neutrality, the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.”

Said Obama: “We cannot allow Internet service providers to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas.”

The president wants the FCC to increase its regulatory power over broadband providers by reclassifying them in effect as public utilities or common carriers, along the lines of the old telephone landline providers.

“Mr. Obama wants the agency to reclassify the entire network under Title II of the Communications Act, then enact bright-line rules banning broadband providers from blocking, slowing down, or giving preferential treatment to some websites,” the story reports.

The report adds: “Mr. Obama also said that whatever rules the FCC adopts should apply equally to mobile devices, after wireless carriers were largely exempted from the FCC’s previous net-neutrality rules passed in 2010. Those rules were thrown out by a federal court in January.”


  1. Supposedly Ted Cruz is going to stir up trouble with this; he’s already calling Net Neutrality Obamacare for the Internet.

  2. If the Government demands control, let THEM fund and maintain the last mile infrastructure Comcast and others have built.

    Allowing the FCC to regulate this would be a glowing sign to private business to never invest in infrastructure lest the Feds tell you how to run the network you created and maintain and how you will be beaten down should you attempt to monetize it to recoup your investment.

    Meanwhile companies like Netflix feel they should get a free ride on other companies’ investments.

    Sorry, no. The Governemnt may have “built the Internet” but the networks between it and your home were designed and built by private industry.

    • Well said, Bill

  3. Next time you use a Fast Pass at a theme park, ask yourself if it’s “fair”

  4. This is the kind of anti-business thinking that cost the Democrats the recent election.

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