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Power Struggle at NBC’s ‘Today’? Co-Host Reportedly Plans to Leave the Program

Nov 10, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Amid an alleged power struggle among key players at the NBC morning staple “Today,” co-host Natalie Morales is reportedly looking for another job.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Morales is updating her resume because of a power struggle involving co-host Tamron Hall and NBC News chief Deborah Turness, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

Morales, a co-host of the show’s third hour, joined “Today” in 2006 and has been passed over for a top anchor spot a few times, including when Ann Curry was ousted, the story notes.

“Page Six can reveal NBC News President Turness hasn’t talked to Morales in months and instead wishes to promote Hall into a bigger role,” the story reports.

Morales’ agent has been reaching out to other shows, and she’s also said to be interested in a talk show-type job, the report adds.

A source at the network is quoted in the piece saying: “There’s a lot of tension. Natalie and Tamron are competitive, and there was a big blowup in October between the two. Deborah has an issue with Natalie and has sided with Tamron. There has been zero communication between Deborah and Natalie for a long period of time.”

“Today” executive producer Don Nash painted a much different picture of the situation, telling the publication: “This is total nonsense. As the ‘Today’ show continues to gain momentum, it sounds like someone is trying to stir up trouble that doesn’t exist. Natalie Morales is valued by everyone at the news division from the top down, and her future is with the ‘Today’ show and NBC News.”

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  1. Way too many people on the show to begin with and too many hours. The show is a hot mess.

  2. If there’s a wrong horse to back, NBC will pick it…every time. Natalie is one of the few reasons I tune in Today…so by all means show her the door. Just sit back GMA and let NBC’s poor decision-making do the heavy lifting to keep you climbing in the ratings.

  3. Another episode of the boy that cried wolf. Every time we enter another rating period, rumors of someone leaving The Today Show surface. Another desperate move for ratings. NBC, give it a rest!

  4. the today show is all fluff. If you want to know the latest on Kim kardashian tune in. They don’t report what’s really going on and when they did a survey of viewers who supported the quarantine they didn’t repeat the results which was 90 percent of the people were in favor. They were apparently surprised and never repeated the results. What would one expect when al roler is always rubbin shoulders at the White House parties??

  5. I briefly watch the today show to see what they choose to report. They refer to ISis as “ideologists” never calling a spade a spade for fear of not being “politically correct” as far as Natalie goes, she does not seem as personable, and warm as Miss Hall.
    Mainstream media is far too liberal for me! People wake up! this country is in serious trouble!!

  6. Sounds like high school drama

  7. Maybe elementary and some people are still drinking the kook-aid! Wise up!

  8. This happens to lots of people in their careers. New management comes in and the old people are pushed out or feel it is time to get out. It has happened to me twice and to a lot of my friends. Good for Natalie to get out and not just sit there stewing about it and causing more issues. I always thought she was a class act and this proves it. She would be a great addition to Fox, CNN or CBS.

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