Why Was This Ad for a New TV Series Banned in the Two Largest Markets? See for Yourself

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The cities of New York and Los Angeles have both slapped a ban on a print ad for the new Bravo series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.” TheWrap.com reports that the ad was banned from buses and subways in the two cities because the image was considered inappropriate.

The ad shows actress Lisa Edelstein holding up her ring finger, which gives the impression at first that she’s “flipping the bird.” The add includes the tagline “Go find yourself.”

While New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority at first gave the go-ahead for the ad, it soon reversed its decision, saying the ad “implied inappropriate creative” because it implies the F-word, the story says.

Metro Los Angeles also declined to run the ad.

While New York’s MTA said it would consider an alternative, Bravo declined to change the image, the story notes.

“The ad is an accurate representation of the show’s humor, attitude and story, so rather than ‘divorce’ this creative concept — we found alternative sites for it to run in NY and LA,” Bravo said in a statement.

Those alternative sites are phone kiosks and tour buses, the story notes.

Here’s the ad …

girlfriends guide to divorce-ad-banned-2014

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