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Report: NBC News Execs Divided Over Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s Return

Nov 12, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Top executives at NBC News are reportedly divided on the return of Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the network’s chief medical correspondent, who is slated to return this month after entering a 21-day Ebola quarantine period, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

The division over how to handle Snyderman’s return to the air stems from her decision to violate the quarantine, the Post notes. As previously reported, she came under fire for making a “secret run” to a restaurant in New Jersey while she was supposed to be in quarantine.

NBC executives are said to be discussing whether her credibility is too damaged for her to continue to serve as a medical authority, the Post reports. The network had previously said Snyderman would return in November following the quarantine and after taking some time to be with her family.

Her Ebola quarantine ended about two weeks ago. A source at the network is quoted saying some senior managers at NBC News feel she should be fired while others are saying the network should support her after it sent her to Liberia on assignment.

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Dr. Nancy Snyderman


  1. Dr. Snyderman did exhibit an error in judgment stepping out when she did for the “reason” she did.

    However, her many regular contributions have been accurate and of great value to NBC News viewers. She presents well and has the talent to boil convoluted medical issues down to a concise and understandable level.

    While the network brass have publicly made her momentary misjudgment known as unacceptable, it would likewise be prudent to quietly have her return and carry on her good reporting.
    Peter Bright

  2. Wouldn’t most/many viewers now view her as a dangerous, loose cannon? Maybe not tremendously interested in the Hippocratic Oath? Hmmmmm …

  3. It is important to make it clear that this issue is more about a Public Relations concern than a real health concern. As an experienced medical doctor, she more than you or I could attest to her health status. As the other nurse made public in her protest of the quarantine procedures, that was more about satisfying the public paranoia than anything else. I agree with Peter that if the NBC management wants to save face and avoid PR concerns they can slowly phase her back in maybe even covering other international news until the issue becomes less relevant in the public mind.

  4. She absolutely should NOT be back on the air. She made such a big deal about her self imposed 21 day quarantine and then she blatantly broke it for some “take-out” then she didn’t really own up to the fact that she did it – her statement never said “I” it said her team. She made a bad choice and I think she needs to go unfortunately. OR own up to it and explain why she did that – which you know she never will.

  5. Oh, such a much over so little!

    All these pious noises over what Dr. Snyderman did or didn’t do. Notice how Ebola has vanished from the headlines now that the midterms are history? Of course it has. The only one still flogging this dead horse (mixed metaphor, right?) is FOX’s print mouthpiece, the New York Post.

    Color me shocked. Not.

  6. Dr Snyderman did her job & certainly saw first hand that she needed to continually monitor her health status. Medical personnel should do what they are trained to do and not fear condemnation for following personal decisions for themselves, or their patients. Her authoratative manner in reporting is superceded by knowledge she can share well with the viewers. Allow her to report what we need to know about our daily care that we don’t always hear about on a visit to our local MD when we make a “routine” visit.

    I enjoy her reporting style. Please continue to make Dr Snyderman a part of the Nightly News.

  7. Did the network support her in violating the quarantine?
    As a role model, journalist, and health care professional, the network needs to give serious thought to who they want representing the network.
    Someone who thinks they are above expectations enforced to others?

  8. The replacement medical correspondent is prettier and younger looking!

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