Why the CIA Is Sounding Off About an NBC Series

Dec 4, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The CIA is putting the word out that it has some problems with an NBC drama series.

On “State of Affairs,” Katherine Heigl’s character, a female CIA analyst, is in charge of assembling the President’s Daily Briefing on national security issues. TMZ.com reports that the CIA has taken to live-tweeting during the show to challenge its authenticity.

A CIA spokesperson told TMZ that the show helps the agency “counter popular myths and misconceptions about the agency.” The spokesperson adds that social media is the perfect way to get the message out, at the same time the show airs.

On Monday night, the agency made note of the folder of documents Heigl’s character gives the president, noting that the real president reads his PDB on a tablet.

TMZ notes that after the Nov. 23 episode, when Heigl’s character meets in person with agency operatives, the CIA tweeted that face-to-face meetings are considered dangerous, and its agents prefer to exchange materials using “dead drops.”

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  1. And I’ll bet that not too many CIA agents are silly clotheshorses or temperamental drama queens.

  2. CIA – Do you think we can say pretty please and the terrorist will just tell us who is trying to kill us. To all reading this, watch the nightly news, look how other countries destroy everyting in sight, if we do not stand strong, all of you that are against keeping the US safe by any means it takes should worry about your children and my children, they will be living in a lawless society, then where are they going to live, work, how will they feed their families, you think it can’t happen to us, think again, and you can pat yourself on the back for helping to destroy us.

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