TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Officially Gets New General Manager

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“Turner Broadcasting has named Jennifer Dorian general manager of Turner Classic Movies (TCM), it was announced today by Coleman Breland, President of Turner Network Sales (TNS), to whom she will report,” Turner Broadcasting has announced.

It’s the confirmation of a story we first read about last fall in the web publication “Cinematically Insane.

That publication wrote at the time “Effective immediately, Jennifer Dorian, previously the chief strategy officer for Turner Entertainment Networks, takes on the position of general manager of TCM, a role formerly filled by Jeff Gregor. Whereas Gregor managed the channel in addition to his responsibilities as chief marketing officer for sister networks TNT and TBS, Dorian will be dedicated solely to TCM, which will remain based in Atlanta.”

A TCM spokesperson confirmed all of that to us today, noting that Gregor continues with the company as CMO of TNT and TBS. Under Turner’s recent reorg, TCM is no longer part of the same group at TBS and TNT.

Today’s press release continues, “Additionally, Genevieve McGillicuddy has been promoted to vice president of brand activation and partnerships for TCM, up from senior director, reporting into Dorian. Both are based in Atlanta.

“In her new role, Dorian, who most recently served as chief strategy officer for Turner Entertainment Networks, is charged with growing and developing the TCM brand by implementing strategic, innovative and revenue-generating business initiatives that secure the network as a preeminent lifestyle brand. Dorian’s oversight includes implementation of dynamic and immersive brand extensions such as TCM Classic Film Festival and the TCM Classic Cruise, growing cross-platform digital opportunities, spearheading revenue-generating initiatives through licensing partnerships and e-commerce, and enhancing TCM’s value to its affiliate partners as well as cultivating its passionate fan base.

“….In her elevated role, McGillicuddy is responsible for leading the development and implementation of all brand activation initiatives including sponsorships, licensing, and merchandising, as well as brand and retail partnerships, in order to generate awareness, audience reach and revenue opportunities for TCM. She also serves as managing director of the TCM Classic Film Festival.”

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  1. When will the dates for the 2015 Turner Classic Movie Cruise be released? I couldn’t find any information online about it. The virus protection I have on my computer warned me not to open the site that came up when I goggled it.
    Would you please send cruise information to my e-mail?
    Thank you.
    Bonnie Coppola

  2. Question is will you raise the network out of the sewer swill muck and mire it has sunk to these last years with more and more modern-day movies from the ’70s to the present and the extreme excess of foreign films? Do you honestly have what it takes to return this suffering, dying network and return it to the true class it had at its origin? This was always meant to be a network of the truly old classic films, not a trash bin of garbage you can find on any Turner cable channel, I know.

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I guess we have to buy DVDs if we can find then, just not worthe the extra money we pay for that channel

    • You are so right. Where are they getting the awful movies they are playing? When will these know it al learn that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am so upset.

  3. I knew something had changed. This was the channel I always watched. The movies are horrible now.Have not watched anything this year. I am taking it off my package.

  4. I loved Tom when you use to air movies that to me were classics, but lately it seems you are airing shows that frankly I don’t think anyone watches. What happened to Hitchcock Sunday? I still watch you but only if you have something worth watching. It seems you have one decent show on a night and the rest is just taking up air time. Whoever does your schedule should have a vacation for a while.

  5. im 84 years old and I’m tired of reading the captions on the silent movies my eyes are red bloodshot and sore. I refuse to watch your channel anymore. It’s now a pleasure watching turning classic it’s a punishment . Now my son is taking me to the eye doctor.

  6. I agree with those who see a serious decline in the offerings of TCM. I rarely watched any other channels and now I almost never have it on. I check the channel daily hoping to see the types of movies they used to show and find very few “classic” material. I do believe the two women who were recently promoted to management simply are not qualified. The channel is losing its followers and it will not survive if it isn’ revived.

    • Bravo, well said.

    • feel the same, I pay extra for that channel to watch at night,but nothing but silent movies or 1970s or later are on .It is foolish for me to have. Can get a much cheaper at&t pkg for what I watch. A real real shame TCM and your board

      • Sunday nights they have silent movies, but the rest of the week it could be anything. Maybe one or two days a month they have newer stuff (1970s-today) but generally it’s movies from the 1930s-50s. I watch tcm nearly 24/7 and I don’t watch any new stuff but between my dvr and the current programming I always have tons to watch. And if you don’t have a dvr you can go to the app and have lots to choose from

  7. How sad your on demand schedule today has only one true classic movie and the rest are x rated trashy films how sad to see this channel lose its class I’m glad I can find and buy my classic movies starting my own movie library today and dropping this trashy channel !

  8. I echo the comments above – TCM is now a pale shadow of a once great channel – a channel on which I can hardly ever find anything worth watching. Same junk I can find anywhere else. Truly, TCM has lost their way. Sure not a “preeminent lifestyle brand” for me – not that I would be remotely interested in such a thing!!

  9. I’m sad to see the serious decline in the crap that TCM has started showing. It content that I fell,other horrible networks would even show. It is no longer a classic network and like other subscribers I to will be discontinuing my subscription. It’s really sad. Just one more thing that’s going to hell in America. Your new manger is going to destroy or has already ruined TCM. Goodbye to Classic programing on TCM. Hopefully some network will see the value of the class is movie programming and begin true classic movie, and film noir. “All the presidents men” is not TCM material. As well as all the crap that’s been airing for the last year. Thanks to all those who have voiced their opinion. But we can forget about TCM. TCM as it was originally designed is gone. Thanks a lot you idiots ( TCM new management team.)

    • exactly

  10. What a terrible shame, I used to look forward to watching your movies, but now I quickly change the channel. Obviously your manager has 0 taste in picking out good movies. Excess of silent movies, subtitled movies and cowboy garbage. Please find a manager that has some movie taste before your station fades off into the sunset.

  11. Absolutely HATE the movies from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that are being shown. These are NOT classics. They stink. You have abandoned your fan base. The question is, “Why?”

    • TCM Laura, I agree with you. Jennifer Dorian has not pulled TCM out of it’s downward spiral.


  13. TCM used to be my favorite channel. I never expected this to happen and I’m quite disappointed in Turner “CLASSIC” Movies. It’s losing its uniqueness along with its formerly very loyal viewers. Why be like all the others? Why would they do this? Big mistake. Stick to older movies and stop selling out. And hire people who appreciate what TCM was originally meant to be.

  14. What on earth has happened to TCM?! Have they abandoned the true classics?…. I don’t even watch anymore… Please go back to the true classics … Movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s….. The programming is now PITIFUL.

  15. I have been a fan of classic movies for many, many years. My fascination with the classic movies began with Million Dollar Movies on channel 9 and the Sunday specials on channel 5 back in the day. My interest grew with the advent of cable TV and American Movie Classics. You can’t imagine my joy in watching the excellent selection of classic movies on AMC. Sadly the station changed and stopped airing true classic films. Then I discovered TCM. For years your programming was amazing. It was the only station I watched 24/7 literally. However, I started to notice that the quality of your programming began to deteriorate. Whoever is doing the scheduling does not take into account that movies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are not classics. Please rethink your programming schedule and start showing movies from the 30’s, 40’s , 50’s and 60’s or TCM will continue to lose its audience. Why are your executives devoting so much time to cruises, festivals, tours, wine vineyards, etc. what they should be concentrating on is how to keep the station from losing its audience. Please go back to the original classic formula that put TCM on the map as the best classic movie station on cable.

  16. I agree that they should show primarily 30’s 40’s and 50’s movies as well, but I got a good chuckle out of reading these comments hahaha. 28 year old, huge fan of TCM from PA. Dad turned me on to it several years ago. Before that I always discounted it because “the movies are in black and white”. Boy was I wrong. I try getting all my friends in to it.

  17. Ok as of today I am deleting your station. What total garbage you are playing this a.m. Just when I think the movies you are showing can’t get any worse, they do. Goodbye I will miss the good movies you used to show!

  18. I just read all the comments posted its a relief to see other viewers have the same sadness about the loss of all the classics we look forward to I personally have your station on 24/7 you now run the same movies over and over I do not want to see movies from the 60s and upward I want to see more noir bogart gangster murder mysteries that made your channel as popular as it was it would be sad to see this network disappear I hope Robert is reading all these negative comments maybe he can help us fans

  19. I agree with the comments that your programming needs to change because of the large amount of poorly rated films being shown. To be a classic by definition, a movie needs to be great. Why not simply eliminate all one and two star films in your broadcast schedule? Where I disagree with most of the comments is, besides the classics of the 30’s-60’s, there are many films made in the 70’s-90’s that are great. Certainly a 10-20 year test of time after the date of release could qualify a great film as classic. Be inclusive but selective in your programming. Schedule mostly four star movies. Make three stars the exception for reasons of acting or another outstanding quality. Create a library of hall of fame type films that you can be proud of showing and your audience will grow.

  20. Okay, I get it. American film studios, ironically owned initially by Russian Jews who immigrated to New York and were disctiminated against, did the most harm to minorities, particularly Africans, by descriminating against them and perpetuating stereotypes that will never go away. But what moron at TCM thought that it was a good idea to show a Stepin Fetchit movie during the Martin Luther King holiday? One hundred years after Birth of a Nation, someone in progrsmming could only find eye rolling darkies making fools of themselves, and dancing and singing? If that’s the best that the programmers at TCM can come up with, then we haven’t exactly overcome, have we? Outrageous. With all the films at your disposal, the best that you could come up with was Stepin Fetchit? My suggestion for next MLK Day is to stick primarily with Warner Brothers films, which tended to be the least embarassing, and treated African Americans with a little more dignity than the other movie studios. May I suggest that next year you program such films as Intruder in the Dust, a film about a proud Black man, in a film that has one of the most accurate film sets depicting poor people in the south that I have ever seen; The Petrified Forest, depicting the dichotomy between two African American men; In This Our Life, which was considered to be so accurate for the time that the film could not be exported to Europe; Odds Against Tomorrow, with one of the best New York style racists in film,; Cooley high was an excellent choice, but may I suggest Malcolm X? Since TCM gets to skate by in Februrary, why not have Spike Lee, or even better Samuel L. Jackson do some sort of programming and hosting for a month? Stepin Fetchit? Mammy from Gone With the Wind would have been far more palatable. And while we’re at it, why are none of The Essentials featuring African Americans?

    • it took me 10 years to realize Charlie Chan movies disappeared. I read due to stupid pc police. TCM has sold out


  22. Yes I agree with most of the comments, TCM two female mantra have taken a once wonderful channel and turned it into a “Once in awhile wonderful channel”. With soooo many movies from the silent era though the 1950’s tell us why they need to repeat the same movie sometimes 3 times a month. I can’t remember the last time they played, Little Lord Fauntelroy, is this a ploy to make us buy the old movies? My last grip is some of the great 4 star movies play during the middle of the night, what gives with that? Your new programming manager needs to go back to film school and get an education on what “classic” means.

  23. It would be so nice to see you play more happy, upbeat movies. My elderly mother sits back in her room playing your channel with the sound as high as it will go…ALL DAY LONG I AM FORCED TO HEAR, SCREAMING, CRYING, DOGS BARKING, BABIES WAILING….PLEASE GIVE THIS CARE TAKER A BREAK…..IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!

  24. People really need to relax. I recently started watching TCM again and I think the programming is great. It’s now 2016. Complaining about movies from the 60s, 70s, and even 80s as not being classic enough is curmudgeonly. I like the broad range of programing to choose from and it keeps me returning to the network. This new direction has definitely brought this viewer back to the network.

  25. I used to watch TCM constantly. I hate it now – really hate this station. Silent Sundays have now morphed into silent German Wednesdays followed by German subtitled movies followed by women director night followed by other movies I never watched. I used to only turn it off when they played non stop musicals – now I hardly ever watch this channel

    I miss the old TCM very much and I will not be watching – well, I have no choice I don’t like what you play. It became very evident that something had changed with the programing on this channel

    Well I hope the Under 50 viewers find it great but that is never what the Classic Movie channel was all about.

    Lost me as a viewer for sure. I noticed comments started here in 2015 – well unlike the last commenter, I think things have gotten progressively worse to the currently barely watchable channel

    • I arrived to the US from the UK in 1960 and am an American citizen. I was drawn to TCM for a variety of reasons — that it was the only channel showing a variety of Hammer, Ealing and UK MGM movies among others, given me a nostalgic evening.I was a great admirer of. Robert Osborne intros and wrapups, well versed guest hosts, and silly perhaps, those five mins comdys (Behind the 8 ball etc) and travelogs. All gone. My biggest complaint among the many offered is why on earth do they show 5 to 10 days of movies highlighting a particular star. By the time I am up to the fourth or fifth film about jiggling Harlow, .or drawling Stewart or some remote start from a one reeler.I am off the channel. Do we really need ten films in a row of one particular star??
      Magillycuddy and Dorian need to know that not film fans are writing a book about Hollywood or creating an Encyclopedia of a film industry that nobody cares about

    • Jennifer Dorian and her minions should be summarily fired. TCM no longer resembles anything in its name – not the vision of Ted TURNER, nor CLASSIC MOVIES. Dorian has turned it into complete modern Hollywood garbage. TCM now stands for Total Classless Movies. Very sad. We can get that crap on probably at least 30 other channels, including Turner’s other 2 stations, TBS and TNT. Bring back Turner’s original vision – classic Hollywood movies from an era when movies were made to tell stories, not act as set-ups to show off computer-generated aliens or explosions or super heroes or some other dumb, mindless schtick. Bring back the old TCM for the millions of devoted fans older than the ripe old age of 30. Show the true classics. Without the stupid wine. Without the stupid 35-yr-old supposed film critics. If Jennifer is pandering to moneyed individuals, it isn’t the under 30 crowd. There’s a reason no one goes to theaters to see movies like they used to. Today’s movies are garbage. At least give those of us who long for quality movies the chance to see them as Ted Turner envisioned — AD-FREE on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, one right after the other…without all the stupid 15-30 minute self-aggrandizing merchandising in between the crummy non-classic ‘80s and ‘90s movies so prevalent on this once stellar network.

  26. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is tired of the same movies being repeated over and over. If I see another “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” scheduled, I’ll scream – only shown 3-4 times over 2 months. It seems the best Classics come on in the early a.m. or very late p.m. I put in a suggestion to air “Bus Stop” with Marilyn Monroe – haven’t seen this pic in years. I really don’t understand why TCM keeps running the same movies over – plus movies that have a 1 or 2-star rating. Every time I see this I groan, “oh another STELLAR movie!!! Please TCM, show some different classic films. That’s why we tune in.

  27. The network is called Turner ‘Classic’ Movies. If you want movies from the 1980’s to present, try: The Movie Channel, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, HBO, FLIX, Sundance TV, MoreMax, AMC, FXM, IFC, Lifetime Movie Network, HuLu, Crackle, and the Disney Channel.
    TCM was the only channel that broadcast films from the 1920’s thru the 1960’s. Robert Osborne and co-host Ben Mankiewicz gave us reviews of movies that captured the historical context of the movie.

  28. I am very sad to say that TCM seems to becomming just another television channel. I can’t stand to watch regular channels that now can squeeze 7 or more sickning commercials in but compared to some of the movies that are now being shown on TCM I am afraid I will have to channel cruise all night. There are many night owls like me that are old and retired but can almost feel like a kidd again watching some old favorites from the 40’s and 50’s not 1970 & 80’s,..Y’all be carefull, you are hurting a lot of long time faithful and loyal fans,…

  29. With the departure of robert osborne and appearance of mr. I love my humorous quips makeiwetz, TCM is going down the same path as AMC. The movie assortment has become horrible. No more fun black and white classics from 30’s- 50’s. Now the movies are mainly 60’s-2015. Plus same movies are played over and over on the same day. Cleopatra staring Elizabeth Taylor was on 4 plus times today. That has become the norm. Ever since ben makeiwetz has come aboard the quality has suffered. His snarky remarks grate unlike the wonderful stories Mr.Osbourne treated watchers. I was shocked to see a viewer as a new host. WHY ? With so many of our icons , robert wagner for example, available do they hire a fan? REALLY? Thank goodness I found an app called classic movies to watch. All old wonderful black and white surprises. TCM you have made two huge bad bad mistakes 1. If it isn’t broke why fix it? 2. Know who your customer base is comprised of and cater to that group. I will add a third, don’t replace your biggest asset, Bob Osborne with a smart alec know it all because he is the nephew of a great director. He dresses horribly and had zero appeal. I too am saying goodbye to TCM. Love you Robert Osborne wherever you are ….god speed.

  30. WOW!
    I’m almost 63 yrs of age and perhaps a tad younger than many who’ve overwhelmingly commented on “the demise of TCM.” I’ve only been a TCM viewer for almost 10 years and don’t have the length of TCM viewing to compare and contrast to when it went on the air in the ’90s. So perhaps I, too, would have preferred “vintage TCM” to its’ current offerings.
    But I’m guessing TCM has to continually modify its’ breadth of decades considered as “classic films” as, quite frankly, its’ oldest viewers regularly “fade into the sunset” (read: BOUGHT THE FARM; RUN OUTTA GAS; FADE TO BLACK; CURTAINS!).
    I’m not as down about TCM showing more recent films from the ’60s and more recent decades IF they’re truly good motion pictures. I’d rather view and learn why audiences and critics think “Fort Apache: The Bronx” is a highly-regarded film by many by at least trying to stretch my brain cells a tad and view it (and I did watch in its’ entirety and “appreciate” it more than in past attempts, though I’ll likely never view it again).
    I’d prefer seeing “The Last Picture Show” (1971?) once every six months than some of the 1 & 2-star hooey from the ’30s – ’50s. Though my tastes do prefer the better/best films from the ’30s – ’50s, there are MANY films from the past 50 years which are far better than some of the stinkers released 60 – 80+ years ago.
    Though I’m not as drawn to the silent films, I’ve been fascinated by some of them (and yes, even the foreign silent films; they also expand my understanding of different cultures and periods).
    And I love it when a guest shares one of their favorite films which ISN’T part of TCM’s usual rotation, such as when Candace Bergen recently joined Robert to share a French classic film this month (Robert’s last sighting by this viewer).
    Though Bob Osborne is truly a gem and will be incredibly missed (it’s June ’16 & I’ve RARELY seen him the past two months!), I usually do like Ben Mankiewicz’s intros and comments, though like Robert he must bite his tongue when having to promo some true duds. I didn’t think it appropriate for Mankiewicz or TCM to promo his late father’s last book title during one of this year’s monthly updates, but that may be in part because I only associated his father’s work with politics, not the film industry. I’ve have adjusted to a woman substituting for Osborne (she’s got incredibly long and luscious hair, but her name escapes me).
    The increasing “strategies and tactics” to “grow the TCM brand,” e.g. TCM Wine Club (or whatever it’s branded) and the auctions undoubtedly have their fans. I can’t fault TCM’s managers for trying new endeavors while keeping commercial advertising off the channel. But I’d much rather view a late ’30s “Travel Talks” film break of New Orleans or Hong Kong than hear once again about that wino club!
    Enough said (“10-4, Eleanor!”).

  31. Thank you tcm. I love your channel as I can find so many movies from my favorite era of movies from eatly 1900s to 1950 s. I record whatever I want on my dvr and I have to upgrade to Tivo as I need more space. For all the people that complain about Tcm playing movies from after the seventies you have to inderstand they are trying to appeal to more people. Just record your movies you like and you will have them when they are playing movies that are not your cup of tea and stop complaining. TCM IS THE ONLY GREAT CHANNEL OF CLASSIC MOVIES AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY TO BE A TURNER CLASSIC MOVIE FAN FOREVER. MY FAVORITES ARE MOVIES FROM THE 1930’s HIGH SOCIETY and Victorian gilded age style movies. I LOVE ANTIQUES AND ANTIQUE BLDGS. THANKS AGAIN TURNER CLASSIC FOR BEING A BIG PART OF MY LIFE!!

  32. I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT MY FAVORITE MOVIES WITH INGRID BERGMAN, IRENE DUNNE, GARY COOPER, FRED ASTAIIRE, GINGER ROGERS, Dick Powell, RUby Keeler, Barbara Stanwyck. I mainly like comedies and musicals and.happy films.. THANKS AGAIN TO TCM

  33. At first I thought it was just me that noticed how disappointing TCM has become, then I looked it up on the Internet and saw others felt the same. I can’t believe the terrible movies that they have been showing for quite some time. It used to be the only channel I watched for great old movies. Now I rarely watch it unless there is a golden oldie on (Which is becoming more rare each day). I would like to know who is picking out these awful flicks. If I wanted to watch junk, I could find it on all the other tv channels. I guess TCM does not care about their viewers anymore, because they just lost me. What a terrible shame. Some of the porn they show and the language has totally turned me off to them.
    Signed, an ex viewer.

    • i agree—wanted nice old christmas movies re THE BISHOPS WIFE–sad to see so much terror on this channel plus outer space stuff–you lost this person too—watchIng ME TV from now on and the FOOD CHANNEL

  34. I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s and appreciate watching many old films from the past as far back as the earliest silent films to present day films. While not all films may be known as “Classic” films, TCM has shown some very good films like “The WHISPERERS” and “Bunny Lake is Missing”. Films I have never seen before but enjoyed seeing for the first time thanks to TCM. I hope TCM will continue to show little known films such as these to give viewers a variety you DON’T see on other networks. Also, there is one movie I wish you’d play called, “The Shuttered Room”, it Scared the Beejeezus out of me when I was younger and I’d Love to see it again !! Thank you TCM and to all the movie hosts & hostesses on TCM keep up the good work?.

  35. RIP TCM. it was a great ride while it lasted. Classic is what it means. They just do not make em like that any more. If I want to watch movies newer than 1980 there are way more choices. TCM is what it’s name says, classics. Better dialog, better wardroning, real actors, meaningful stories. PLEASE all those who want newer, go to AMC, etc

  36. Classic movies, the best from the early and mid-20th century, are great expressions of American culture.
    I’m sorry they are gone, replaced by movies that are not classic, just old. And tired. Gone too is the thoughtful context and comment offered by Robert Osborne and the traditional hosts. Now, on the weekend, we are expected to watch an inarticulate, uncomfortable young woman who knows neither film nor audiences. “Diversity”? Yes, TCM now offers hosts with nothing to say. What a shame.

  37. I have been watching TCM from the start. I consider myself a film buff , if you want to call it that. I’m a little disappointed with the programing also. I know it’s all about money, everything is. It’s nice to have variety in the programming . I agree that TCM should stick with mostly Good Classic films from the 30s, 40, and 50s. Silent Sundays was ok, and I even liked TCM Underground Drive in Movies after 2am on Friday nights. If they want to have Nights during the month to show Good films from the 60s and 70s like Getaway, with Steve Mcqueen or Serpico or True Grit with the big man John Wayne who made great movies in the 60s or Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. Many good Movies where made in those years and they are Classics , by a long shot. Now even though Tootsie was funny I would draw the line some place, too new and not a classic.I also don’t care to much for the new girl ether. She is too nervous and she just does not give out any movie trivia with her intros. Ben M. has been a host for along time and he is very informative , so cut him some slack and stop being a jew hater . Be honest you just don’t like the guy or his Dad pal. The main thing I would like to know is why has TCM not shown It’s A Wonderful Life In almost 7 years at Christmas time. There has to be a reason. Does anyone know ? I have asked, I never get an answer. I do hope they go back to playing better movies. Oh yeah, I think Robert is trying to retire. This is like his 3rd career ya know.

    • Because It’s A Wonderful Life is owned by one of the broadcast networks and they play it every Christmas.

  38. What is with entire days of Esther Williams movies? Danny Kaye? Dumb musicals.
    I want film noir!
    TCM stinks recently.

    • AMEN!!! Enough with the sappy musicals – Noir Alley is the only reason to watch anymore. And what happened to Saturday night prime time? Ana (WHO?) is there to lecture and “educate” us unwashed masses now? Will be cancelling too, unfortunately – back to the DVDs….

  39. I’m astounded at how flat and dull the programming is now.
    Middle on the road vanilla at best.The homogenization to my mind must be the result of many films being bought up by a variety of companies that refuse to lease them.
    i can’t believe that in contrast to the university of film that this network used to be that its handlers would opt for such bloodless,superficial programming.
    Further,in a time where the American middle and working class has been returned to the depression era status that most of these twentieth century films were informed by,the elitist wine commercials and cruise ads are a slap in the face to many millions of people who were once simpatico with the directors,writers and actors of the classic era.
    The new face of Turner classics as represented by the wooden mannequins that now read from the teleprompter to us is completely unconvincing.
    This is corporatism at its worst and yet another defeat for film arts in the twenty first century.

  40. Hello I am 47 very young for this channel but I grew up watching westerns and war movies from the 40 and 50 to me those were movies. Decent movies with out the sex the bad language. Quit putting movies from the 70,80s . What’s next 90s. Tcm is classic, classic comes from the GOLDEN ERA, That’s what it means. 2. The girl now narrating she does a bad job of it put a guy who’s our age to do this job since we are the ones that watch this and are identified with someonone who’s been there. Get the old guys back no women pleased unless she is from the era. ( 70,80 get it). Or unless you getting on the band wagon with all this equality bullshit what next a quee really I don’t think none of the ones from this generation care

  41. GOLDEN ERA means movies that were made in Hollywood between 1930 and 1950 and a handful from the 60s that’s all.
    Not movies from the 70,80,90. Get it producers. You hiring woman and they are f….. K up don’t get an the band wagon or you will loose the channel and your jobs you already have lost more than half your viewers.
    Also don’t put a teen girl to narrate the movies she does a afoul job of it and she does not represent the channel with her age. Plenty of all actresses and actors from the era 50,40 who still around who need a job.
    Hire me and I’ll fix it

  42. Awful, awful, awful film now from 60’s and 70’s!!!
    Not classic. Really saddens me. You try to make your voice heard on Twitter and they immediately remove your comment!! Only voice heard now comes from TCM. 30’s,40’s, 50’s much better film.
    I can see now people in charge there have NO respect for clasdic film and couldn’t spot one if it were right under their nose!

  43. TCM has completely lost its great movie programming. Too bad they chose a super young film student who is psychoanalyzing movies from a film student perspective. People watch movies for entertainment, nothing else. Her repertoire is limited probably due to lack of knowledge and experience. How many posts till you do something. I understand Ted Turner owns the massive film rights to MGM, RKO, Warner bros, etc. There is no excuse for the garbage shown. Somebody help.

  44. Tomorrow nights’ line up includes “The Lord of the Rings”. By what definition does this movie qualify as a classic? I suggest TCM should change the meaning of the acronym to stand for Turner Cinema Modern!

  45. It is quite obvious from reading previous comments about the poor movie programming, either no one is reading these comments or no one gives a damn. This week’s movie schedule on TCM is horrible. If classic 30’s, 40’s and 50’s movies are not aired, please change the name to reflect the inferior movie offering. TCM was the last place I had to escape and transport to a different time and place. So disappointed.

  46. No one is listening, or no one cares and it shows. It has changed and obviously will not return to the great classic movie programming it once was, because evidently no one working there knows what it used to be like – they are too young. Hire some people who care about “classic movies”, I mean really CARE and get the programming back to what it should be. IS ANYONE LISTENING!?!! this forum has been going on for almost 2 years.

  47. With all the wonderful movies that were made in the 30s,40s..the garbage that TCM Has been showing I hope they enjoy watching because I will purchase my own DVD ‘s and drop your station. The trash of TV shows on cable now isn’t worth me paying my hard earned money for cable period. Cable execs give a flip what they provide it is all about the money.

  48. Have been a fan of TCM close to forty years. WHAT WENT WRONG this station is so far away from where they started will not even watch TCM.

    Cannot tell you the last time for i.e.:

    Mario Lanza movies
    Pillow Talk
    and Etc

  49. I am truly saddened at what has happened to my go-to channel ,TCM !!! I’ve been a fan and avid watcher for over 20 yrs. !! Anytime that I just wanted to enjoy some beautiful and wholesome entertainment , I knew exactly where to turn !! All the classics of the early years of films , when the stories had meaning and morals ! And the actors were true stars !! Or comedies , without vulgar themes , just clever and clean dialog ! But , suddenly that classy host Robert Osborne was fading away and along with him most of the great classics !! But even worse , a few months ago , when I turned on TCM … I saw and heard the worst trash I have EVER seen on any channel ! Foul language and nasty X rated sex scenes .. I was so shocked and disappointed!! Plus now , there are history lessons ,documentaries , wine buying tips etc. lousy films from late 60s , 70’s and 80’s ! PLEASE spare us all the unbearable new programming ! I hate to say goodbye to another wonderful pleasure of life ! Those who are your devoted fans , just want great classic films !! That’s all !! Don’t want to sound too melodramatic , but you’re breaking my heart !! ?

    • Beautifully said!

  50. Alas, Turner Crappy Movies now 🙁

  51. Really don’t like the new format, real classics are few and far between and musicals and bad movies repeated constantly. Don’t need anything post 1950s. Hardly ever watch anymore. Bring back the old format or you will lose more viewers.


  53. Does anyone know who’s idea it was to go from a first rate classic movie channel, to just another piece of crap in the cesspool of television programming,I guess I just miss having a place to go that wasn’t filled with filth, stupidity,and nonsense.

  54. So very sorry to see that TCM has removed actual “stood the test of TIME” classics with bizarre “who cares” documentaries (that seem more like reality TV and a range of other non-classic movies pulled out from the archives apparently (in order to save money Ms. Dorian?). TCM should have been the station to help lift the young up to up to a standard of quality classics (again, that have stood the test of TIME). Instead it appears that, along with repeating movies and odd movie choices in their programming, they are lowering the standard of the movies/documentaries (??) being shown. It is sad to me, because I always thought that TCM stood firmly in its stance of quality, classic movies. TCM appears to be heading downward due to lack of quality in what they are showing and I predict that many people are now turning away from TCM. oh yes, TCM may live on, however it will not be anything like what it was intended to be – the quality is being removed! Very sad!

  55. About TCM; No offense intended but it appears that these two new bimbos are right wing demobrat’s and hired deliberately to murder the great movie classics of yesteryear. I personally take offense to the programming and I’m sure Siskel & Ebert would give both Genevieve and Jennifer 2 thumbs down!
    Sometimes, I almost think they pick the cheapest line up possible to justify their exorbitant salaries.
    There is nothing Classic about TCM anymore, thank goodness for 4 new stations showing classic films, but the downside is they all have 5 minutes of commercials for every 4 minutes of movie time.
    What could possibly make TCM worse? Having Nancy Pelosi host the new TCM show. Heil Hitler!

  56. Im tired of the repeats and the non classic movies also. Where is Robert Osborne????

  57. Dear Mark offense taken no need to bring politics into this discussion.


  59. Like everything else quality takes second place to profit and the long time fans be damned. The people who run TCM don’t care what we want to see. They’ll play what they want.

  60. I have watched TCM since it began. I am 75. These are not classics that they are airing. I do not know what they are except that it is trash. You never see the following:

    Mario Lanza
    They did run the Thin Man Series last week love those last year they ran them New Years Eve that was nice.
    Summer Place
    I could go on but what is the use.

    Does this new manager not read these posts does she not care GUESS NOT

  61. The older version of TCM was like a good homemade apple pie with custard – The new – is like eating a flypaper

  62. Yesterday, a series of Elvis movies which they did very recently, today a series of Red Skelton movies which they also did very recently. Why? I’m sure TCM possesses in their library some great films which barely or never see the light of day. I’m very disappointed with this programming philosophy. Besides the old B&W American movies they also ran some great old foreign movies. Very rare these days. Maybe a new classic movie channel needs to be created.

  63. I subscribed to the package i now have for satellite tv only so to get the tcm channel SO WHAT HAS HAPPENED? No longer wish to have the channel as the movies are simply not classic and are either the same thing over and over. If you expect to keep customers you need to go back the format that worked for you for so long. New management needs to know what the viewers want and from what I have heard many many people feel as I do. Unless TCM can revert to what I once loved I will cancel the package on my satellite to view something worth watching as well as save money. I’m not paying for something not fit to watch. Classic means exactly that. The upcoming programs I see advertised for TCM not looking good. The host other than Ben are just as disgusting.

  64. what has happened to tcm. Stinks…no longer watching!!

  65. I no longer watch TCM and I was a huge fan for years..repetitive movies, no real classics shown much anymore, Who is making this once wonderful channel a mess? Come on, get back on track . I want to cancel my feed and I never thought I’d do that.

  66. Wow TCM your channel is now a waste of time, haven’t watched it since you ‘decided’ more recent films are classics. Shame, always enjoyed the old films.

  67. Yep, agree 100% the channel is appealing more to younger people now, the joy of it is, the younger people don’t pay the provider bills.

  68. It’s an agendized station now. It has to devalue and diminish the classics and those who follow them. They’re basically mocking you as they play this crap. Haha we got your station now, take this Woody Allen propaganda post instead.

  69. Complain about the station all you want but I read someone called the all the hosts other than Ben disgusting. Now that’s just rude to call other people names.

  70. why do you play the same movies over and over. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD MOVIES PRODUCED

  71. What is going on there you guys ruined my favorite channel. .
    I hate 70 and up movies , thats why i use to watch this channel and i swear only this channel, there are plenty of networks that show these 70s and up movies let the public watch some othet network .
    What happened did you guys lose why they made this network ,
    The old time hollywood the class the glimmer the unforgettable movie stars they had then .. no other generation of movies stars can nevet match up to the old time hollywood. … i want to cry……shame no you. How could you forget
    Why tcm started this network in the first place…im so broken hearted.
    Why dont you guys make a tcm 2 and there you could show the 70s and up movies,,, please. Please bring the old tcm back ,,,

  72. Sorry forgot to check spelling when i sent my recent comments.
    I meant shame on you tcm.
    What did they get a different owner or boss …
    I introduced my children to tcm and how important the old time movies are.
    From the good feeling movies to the old war movies as a child i learned alot how people stuggled while at wartime from over seas to the little town somewhere in America and how all Americans did their part..
    I want my grandchildren to watch these films with me..so again
    Bring the old tcm back……

  73. Agree on the current content which has gone downhill past few years. Same movies on the same day ‘Rudy’ was on twice one night a few weeks ago. Good movie, not a classic. ‘LOTR’? Not a classic. Today-4 hours in prime time of some Canadian animation festival. Ridiculous. Noir alley is great. Too many snotty TCM wine club commercials-these seem like a satire-an old SNL skit. ‘Would Orson approve of this red?’-let’s tour the TCM winery. Stop with the modern crappy movies, politically correct programming and commentary and repeats over and over and show some real classics. Also get some knowledgeable hosts-Bob Dorian was my favorite at AMC when it started-lots of film info. Bob Osborne was great too-Ben can be ok when he sticks to movies and not politics. The young girls don’t bring much to the table in terms of knowledge. Eddie Muller is a great addition and the show Noir Alley is great but Sunday morning is not a great time.

  74. So disappointed in TCM programming. When Robert Osborne was selecting the movies, I enjoyed good quality classic movies. Ever since he passed the programming consists of horror movies, bad sci fi movies or the same movies several times a month, I’m discontinuing watching TCM because it no longer shows quality classic movies, some of it is simply junk and the rest are the same movies ad nauseum. But mostly it seems you are pulling from the bottom of the barrel for your programming

    used to be a loyal TCM fan but not any more

  75. If you ever decide to bring back the original TCM, let me know, then I’ll sign up again. Those were real classic movies

  76. Encore Westerns is becoming the same way. They show movies from the 90’s on their channel. I watch TCM for the classics not a a 1988 flicker. Bringing in new audiences is supposed to expose them to the golden age of movies not pull them in showing movies from the disco era. They’re supposed to watch the marvelous acting of Bette Davis, Norma Shearer and Carol Lombard; Orson Welles, William Powell and Humphrey Bogart not Tom Cruise, Glenn Close and Goldie Hawn.

    How can they get a sense of what Film Noir is watching these folks? If they continue to go down this road their name should be changed to just Turner Movies and leave the classic out. The 70’s and above may have blockbuster hits but they “ARE Not” Classic Movies as classic movies go. How do they go? From the shadows of black and white to padded shoulders to over sized suits. It’s a “cinch” that TCM should always put true fans of classic movies “foist.”

  77. For those who love Ben Mankiewicz because of the name there is more to him than hosting TCM. I Googled his name and this came up:

    I’ve since reflected on how Turner Classic Movies has grown over the years into one of the most universally admired cultural forums in America. It’s a familiar presence in households of all political persuasions. If you like old movies, you like TCM, period.

    That’s why the mini-uproar here at Big Hollywood last week was so disheartening. For those of you who missed it: during an on-air introduction to the 1957 movie A Face in the Crowd, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz gave legions of conservative viewers a collective poke in the eye, by way of a not-so-veiled sneer at talk-show host Glenn Beck. You can see the sad spectacle for yourself by clicking over to the TCM website, but here are the money quotes:

    “My top pick this January, A Face in the Crowd, is admittedly a little cheap. . . But, in an era where the political commentators who shout the loudest — or (dramatic pause and sly smile) cry the most — generate the biggest ratings, the prophetic nature of this 1957 classic enhances its remarkable timeliness today. . . Fifty years later, there’s a new generation of men armed with the phony authenticity of Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes.”

    If you know anything about Breitbart it definitely isn’t a bastion of liberal views but I thought this was interesting. AlsoI was perusing YouTube around election time and spotted him on I think a channel called the Turks or Younger Turks which I think may be left leaning.

    Right now I’m watching The Case of The Curious Bride with Warren William as Perry Mason. They try to keep you glued with 3 or 4 in a row like these then Whammo! Four movies after “…Curious Bride” they will air 6 straight movies from 1968-1980. Don’t like it at all.

  78. A few weeks ago, guest host David Letterman said to Baldwin ( who agreed with him) after a screening of “Lost Weekend” that you could not compare it with ” Days of Wine and Roses” because Days was in color. Beside being a stupid remark, it was inaccurate. Both are in black and white. RIP , TCM.

  79. Dear TCM, I have just sat through a movie from 1971, The Boyfriend”. It is one of the worst things I have ever tried to figure out enough to enjoy!! So I looked it up online and ran into this!! I too have been a 24/7 watcher for several years. But what a downward turn has happened! I have managed to buy and collect nearly 400 classic movies that I have either seen or researched from something seen, on TCM. But I have to say I agree with the people before me, keep TCM a place to be able to sit down anytime of day, and get lost in a true display of acting and movie making that began in the 30’s and unfortunately got lost in special effects and technology of the 80’s and on. If the movie WAS Classic, and has stood the test of TIME, even a few in the mid70’s make it! But very few!! But this stuff is garbage now, and was garbage back in 1971!!! Let’s face it… Twiggy was never an actress!!!! Let alone “classic”!! I would rather sit through the same Bette Davis movies every other month and Bogart the other months, all year round!!! Than have to sit through this just to stay up to watch Dancing Lady, 1933, coming on next!! And by the way… what happened to my subscription to TCM MONTHLY MAGAZINE??? I didn’t get a refund!!! And as was supposed to be promised, cannot find it online to print out!!! I loved the day every month that I received it!! I would sit and read cover to cover, hilighting what I wanted to be sure to be home to watch!! Even days to get off work early!!! What I printed out for this month is worthless, AND HAS NO HIGHLIGHTS!!!! TCM, please return to my favorite classic b&w, noir, 5star, never-tire-of, movies!!! I remain hopeful, and I do like Ben!!

  80. Does Ted Turner give a sh$t if so many viewers hate the change in programming? I rarely expect to see something enjoyable on this channel anymore! It used to be so comforting to have this channel to rely on for entertainment and a time to share a movie with my family. Not any more! I paid extra for my cable to get TCM but will change to cheaper cable and buy classics I want. Hopefully someone will start a new classic movie program and reap the benefits! Things are changing rapidly in this country and not for the better! I am so disappointed TCM changed as it was something that became through the many years a reliably safe place to relax and get comfortable; leave the confusion and fears of the world for the precious time allowed and be moved emotionally by great classic movies! Shame on you TCM and your Producers and Ted Turner!

  81. I too am p!anning to cancel tcm. Movies are horrible and now this evening 3 documentaries that don’t interest most of us. We still want the oldies.

  82. In memory of Robert > bring in CEO’s who understand their audience and love, respect & understand the classic movie genre. We want the classics, not a new ‘brand’.
    I have been watching TCM since before our beloved Robert Osborne (Rest in Peace lovely man). I was in my 20’s when I started with TCM. I too can discern a recent change in TCM’s programming. Yes a few years back TCM was becoming STALE but I could always find something to watch or record. NOT now. This past year and a half or so (it seemed to start when Robert Osborne appeared to be getting sick > gone for long absences, etc.) I noticed the programming began to become DARKER. Lots of horror, occult type movies. In fact I think they were playing horror moves for entire 24 hour cycles. (I don’t even bother to turn it on during the month of October > YIKES!). And if it wasn’t horror movies, women in prison or asylums it was Barbara Stanwyck. Honestly my guess was that women had taken the ‘reigns’, based on the PC & depressing garbage available. How many times in 1 week do we need to watch Giant & Raintree County? And James Dean & women in movies awareness months! There’s other movies they play weekly, CONSTANTLY, but I’ve put it out of my mind. I’ve yet to watch on TCM one of my favorite Claudette Colbert’s “The Egg and I”, with Fred MacMurray. DELIGHTFUL. But when TCM plays a tribute to actors they play the same movies over & over & over & over & over & over & over, etc., etc. These women need to exit before TCM is only a memory.

  83. I agree with many of the comments concerning not enough classics are being shown. I find it hard to believe that TCM cannot find more classics in their enormous film library. Also, what happened to the subscriptions of Now Playing that were paid for through most of 2018. Nothing was mailed out that I know of to let subscribers either get refunds or… I enjoyed and miss the printed monthly version and incidentally who made that decision without asking the subscribers? Please, stop showing that wine advertisement after practically every movie!!

  84. Please bring back more of the “classics” of the 1930’s thru the 1960’s. These are the true classics! TCM has gone downhill in my opinion. Bring back Jean Arthur, Eddie G. Robinson, Gary Cooper, ect. These movies are the reason we watch TCM-old movies!! Thank you.

  85. Utter garbage!!!! Host’s trying to be “Rat Pack Cool”, sitting around a table, sipping bourbon, really??!!!! Wrong brand, “let’s movie” ?.
    All about money now, buying movies, cruises, tours, wine etc. Ok, make your money, but stop trying to jam the 60-90 ‘s movies down our throats, they’re horrible!!!! Anyone out there listening?

  86. As a former “avid” fan of TCM, I’m now streaming Netflix. I cannot believe that upper management is ignoring the mail that is pouring in. Someone needs to put my disappointment, along with others, squarely in front of upper management. TCM will consistently lose the market share with the junk that is being shown currently. Why the really great shows are shown at 3:00 a.m., when most of us are sleeping, is an unsound marketing program. With a Masters Degree in Management, and if you continue on this mismanagement of a former great TV program, I can assure you TCM will be among the…”I remember when TCM was great. Too bad it’s gone.”

  87. TCM is turning into AMC. When I first got cable in the 90’s AMC was a great channel. AMC stood for American Movie Classics. No commercials and great movies. Well we all know how AMC is now. It’s all commercials and the walking dead or mad men. TCM is going down the same road. I feel in the not too distant future they will start showing Chrysler commercials. The programming is garbage. I hardly even watch it anymore and they show the same 6 movies over and over, as other people have mentioned, the best movies come on at 2 in the morning. What’s up wtih that? I agree also no one cares about documentaries, we want Gary Cooper!

  88. Wow, I just found this board by accident and TOTALLY AGREE with all the posters who have complained about the newer movies in the recent years. We used to watch and enjoy (and tape) SO many movies. We enjoyed the old musicals, Alfred Hitchcock, many Westerns, and so many more – oh yes – the good old Suspense. Then, it seemed to gradually change with more Silent and newer movies from late 60s through the 90s. 🙁 My husband (now deceased) was older than me and was familiar with most of the really early stars and movies.

    I was thrilled when we discovered TCM several yrs. ago to find all the old movies from my early childhood. Our TV guide doesn’t have TCM listed, and when I check online to see what’s on (not too often anymore) the selections I like are slim these days. It’s become a real disappointment, and I know others we’ve talked to in person feel the same way. Several friends have said they rarely check TCM anymore as it’s just not what drew them there in the first place. I also used to ask for the Reminders by email for when a favorite would be playing so I didn’t miss it. My email has changed since then.

    For yrs. I ordered the Now Playing magazine as a Christmas stocking gift for my husband, but he said not to bother about 3 yrs. ago, as he was disappointed with the selections and lost interest. And one more thing about the Silent movies: Many times we would go up to bed to watch something before going to sleep and so often a Silent movie (or worse-dubbed from another language) would be on, We didn’t enjoy them anyway, but it was impossible trying to read the script and know what was going on. I think your popularity would grow again if you went back to the ‘good old days’ and the reason so my viewers found TCM to be at the top of their list.

    PS- I wonder if this board even gets noticed by those who might be responsible for making changes, or if it’s just for folks like us to vent our feelings.

  89. TCM is now and ever will be, my favorite channel. Would like to see some early cowboy movies of former Navy fighter pilot Wayne Morris.

  90. I have enjoyed watching tcm for the past twenty years. My children and my grandchildren were by my side every holiday to watch the movies we love and have made our tradition. I am sorry to say for the past two years this has changed. We can now watch our favorites only if we purchase them. With all the uncertainties in the world right now it was a small but important comfort to have our traditions watching our seasonal favorites. TCM has taken this from all of us. This will probably mean little to your corporation. It has made a sad difference in our lives. Miracle on 30th street- at thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful life at Christmas – . Just to name two.

  91. So glad to find this forum tonight. I have been curious about what has been happening at TCM, in the last couple of years.

    I remember watching one movie after another, into the wee hours of the morning when TCM was in its prime. Movies that I often had watched with my parents, many years ago. Then to enjoy again now as an adult. NOT anymore.?

    I’m lucky to find one movie in a day that is worth watching now. Most are just garbage, and repeats of garbage, week after week. I don’t even bother to check the schedule most days now.

    Why they would go in this direction is a real mystery. They haven’t got a clue what they have done to a unique and much loved TV channel. They should be reading forums like this, not planning the next wine they’ll offer for sale. If they want to pair it with their current movies, it should be called, Gutrot!!

  92. I am with you all.
    No good Halloween flicks (unless it was 3 am) and no Christmas movies (except for the two repeated). It’s as if Scrooge himself took over the programming.
    I actually find myself infuriated, and when trying to express myself directly, don’t bother calling and the email system is so flawed that it will not allow you to send messages. The only way to contact them is by snail mail. And I will be doing that. This was one of my “choice” channels. I waste my time bothering. New manager needs to lighten up or have a little fun. Something is very wrong here.

  93. You lost me, was my favorite chanel. Now not worth watching. You don’t what the (C) in TCM is for. Osborne turning in his grave. What a shame.

  94. The woman in the wine commercials is way too animated for me I turn as soon as this comes on it really turns me off.

  95. About the only reason I kept cable was TCM and sports. I can get sports (and streaming movies) online cheaper now than for channels I never watch. Now it’s not even worth looking through the program guide to find an old movie on TCM anymore, maybe a few good ones a week at best and most of those I’ve seen numerous times. Very few oldies except big name movies and often repeated while serving up more recent ones that any channel will play because they’re color. When cable comes up for renewal it’s gone. Thank Jennifer Dorian for that.

  96. Your movie playlist has gone insanely bad. To bad it used to be fun to watch.

  97. Where is the old movies, Who ever is selecting these so call old movies need a new job. I love Betty Davis Joan Crawford so on and so forth. Help

  98. My God, I enjoy a Tarzan or Andy Hardy movie once in a while, but back-to-back-to-back for hours on end while they show the entire series is torture! How can any manager think this is appropriate?? If you don’t happen to care for the particular star or genre, you are out of luck for a day or two. It’s like someone discovering you like chocolate ice cream and serving you nothing but for two days straight! Also, don’t even get me started on the “wine club.” Sheer stupidity. I watch TCM to see the brilliant movie stars from days gone by and to hear a little interesting intro and exit info from a knowledgeable host. The last thing I want to know is what some anonymous fan thinks of the movie I’m about to watch or even picks out for me!!! What are you thinking,TCM???

  99. Lets face it; Turner Classic Movies started downhill when Robert Osborne died..He lived the life and knew so many stars personally. Ben M. does a fairly good job, But the woman they have on now is awful! Her way of speaking and accent is truly annoying.. I have to mute her.

  100. Agreed, just “available everywhere else” stuff. I am SO sorry I didn’t watch this channel more often when I had the chance. Now, it’s idiocy and constant repeats for the most part. Oh, I assure you, it’s “AMC transition” is coming. Just watched one of their montages, and was disgusted with how much “late 60’s, early 70’s” hippie crap and barely any black and white classics were in it. This is clearly the devising of the snotty new execs who hate classics on a Classic Movie channel.

    • totally agree, just keeps getting worse. Christmas where are the Christmas movies? Just tired of complaining about it,they really don’t care about our comments.

  101. Why???? When something is truly working why disturb it? With all the “trash channels “out there , Turner Classic WAS one I could always depend on to be consistent with GREAT classic programming . Remember: IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT !!! Please is anyone listening? These are your viewers, the ones paying ( well , were paying) the bills and your salaries. Man or Woman up and get this thing fixed because despite what the boss thinks , the customer is always right.

  102. What happened, TCM? I Cannot stand Ben, and the two dittsy woman. The one with accent is like fingernails on a chalkboard. And the constant commercials for the wine club! And the back lot club. I have no desire to sit around with a bunch of leftist loons. I just want to watch good classic films, especially film noir. I used to have TCM on 24/7. Some days, not at all. Plus, you repeat films all the time. Stop doing that.

  103. I have a very serious complaint for TMC. I have a yr old grandson,(It seems you don’t you apparently do
    care about minors). Imagine him getting up in the middle of the night, turns on the TV, and what is he slapped in the face with? Nothing but ‘skin-flicks, active sex and ‘raw-language!, heck, I don’t even watch that garbage!
    You’re known for your ‘classic movies’, but these movies are as far from ‘classics’ as you can get they are
    scum. At this moment I am trying my best to get you removed from TV FOREVER!!! If I have to write to
    President Trump, that’s my next step. Because your program director must be totally brain-dead, as well
    as perverted. Please clean up your act. MKO

  104. Please, please, please Stop the theme nights !! I can understand silent films on Sunday nights for those who like them. I will watch another channel. Film noir on Saturday nights is okay if no more than 2 at a time. But, how about mixing it up on other nights. Why do we have to be bombarded by military films every Memorial day or Labor day? Same with horror films now since its October? Maybe some dont like horror films or war movies or a certain star. We can change channels for one or two movies but why should we have to endur hours of the same genre. Please give us variety.

  105. Comcast cable has pulled TCM from there line up and offering it in a premium sports package because very few people watch TCM. Sorry but you viewership has just dropped by one and I’m sure thousands will follow. I’ve watch TCM for 26 years since nice day one. Not any more. So sad.

  106. It really is exactly like the downfall of AMC. Not that long ago, Saturday night was when Robert Osborne (solo!) showed “The Essentials” and they usually were. Now it’s Ava (WHO?!?!?) Duvernay “schooling” us ignorant unwashed masses with crappy, yet “socially important” movies no one bothered to see when they first came out in the 80’s and 90’s and certainly don’t want to see now. And if you think her name is pretentious, wait’ll you get a load of her once she gets wound up. Capra tackled social issues too, but he made them entertaining, as in “Mr. Deeds…”, etc. And if it’s not that, it’s all-day incredibly garish technicolor musicals, where over-painted people (Betty Hutton, anyone?) just sappily burst into syrupy songs for no apparent reason. Eddie Muller is all they have left – but at some point someone will be offended by something in one of those movies, and he’ll probably get tossed…

  107. Tcm messed up hiring Ben man. He waited long but I wish u could have replaced bobosborne with a man like him. He wold have stopped tcm from putting on any commercials wine clubs making it like other stations people are getting roiled they pay to watch movies not any kind of commercials. I cried when the firm at tcm changed the format. I have to mute tcm when the commercials come on. I have watched tcm for over 20 years. And was happy to pay any price for tcm but now. I feel like I’m being charged for a station. That includes commercials. I am not stupid. Tcm needs money but there are other ways than commercials there are telethon. And other ways of getting more money than what is going on now commercials. Are u going to let Ben m cut or change the films. As well I know these films if any change has been made to these films I will know i know more about movies than ms Malone will ever know in her life. I am watching but I’m very disappointed. Like I said I cried. The only good announcer u have is Eddie Mueller Paula mccreery

  108. I’ve watched TCM for over 20 years religiously. I love the fact that the channel is commercial free and found Robert Osborne’s segments both pre and post movie to be very entertaining and informative. With the exception of the forgettable B movies from the 70’s and 80’s that TCM feels compelled to air, I have probably seen nearly every classic film on the schedule. I am truly a fan of classic movies and prefer most of them to the lame movies that get made today. Although I didn’t think anyone could fill Robert Osborne’s shoes, Ben Mankiewicz has grown on me and I think he does a pretty good job. However, aside from Eddie Muller, I find most of the other new hosts annoying, particularly as I get the feeling they know less about the films they are previewing than I do! What has become increasingly hard to take is TCM’s decision to jump on the “politically correct” bandwagon. We are now forced to listen to commentary from Dave Karger about how he is so personally offended by Fred Astaire’s blackface routine in the movie “Swing Time,” that he finds it difficult to watch the film! What’s next, edited versions of classic movies that are politically sanitized by a handful of woke executives who think audiences lack sufficient awareness of racial issues and thus need to be lectured to? I’ve got news for you TCM, most people who watch and appreciate classic movies are not unaware racists. Please leave our movies alone and stop preaching to us. Also, I understand that Robert Osborne was a hard act to follow, but attempting to fill the void by hiring multiple new, woke, film school hosts, most of whom haven’t even seen as many classic movies as TCM’s viewers, isn’t cutting it for me.

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