Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Who Played Theo on ‘The Cosby Show,’ Comments Publicly for the First Time About the Accusations Against Bill Cosby

Jan 22, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Malcom-Jamal Warner, who played Theo on “The Cosby Show,” has made the following comments about Bill Cosby  to Billboard:

“He’s one of my mentors, and he’s been very influential and played a big role in my life as a friend and mentor. Just as it’s painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not, it’s just as painful to watch my friend and mentor go through this.

“I can’t really speak on any of the allegations because obviously, I was not there.”

Warner added, “The Bill Cosby I know has been great to me and great for a lot of people. What he’s done for comedy and television has been legendary and history-making. What he’s done for the black community and education has been invaluable. That’s the Bill Cosby I know. I can’t speak on the other stuff.”



  1. His comment about Mr. Cosby has proved only one thing… Malcom-Jamal Warner is a wussy and can’t stand-up for the woman his monster mentor caused trauma to. Shame on you Malcom… time for you to grow a pair and be your own man. Seriously. He can’t hurt your career… that show has been long gone for you to be afraid to speak up.

  2. So, Mr. Wonderful, you are taking the allegations at facts, why don’t you go grow a pair and wait for the true facts to be revealed.

  3. Really Joe? There is a point where countless number of women come together to finally tell their side and where is Cosby? Keepin’ his yap shut because his lawyer tells him to. There is nothing he can say to defend himself when the truth is he did it… a number of times. Joe, how many people have to tell you that the sky is blue before you take their word for it. Oh… yeah… one more thing… grow a pair and come to your senses.

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