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Shake-up! Larry Jones, the Longtime President of TV Land is Leaving. He’s the Second Top Viacom Cable Network Executive in Two Days to Announce His Departure

Feb 18, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Larry Jones is out as TV Land president, reports Lesley Goldberg in the Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog.

The story continues, “The news, which is said to be a surprise to many internally, comes as his Viacom-owned network is prepping a creative reinvention, pegged to the March 31 premiere of Darren Star’s ‘Younger.’ With ‘Hot in Cleveland’ airing its final season, TV Land has plans to shift to more younger-skewing single-camera fare, including its upcoming Jim Gaffigan comedy, ‘Teachers and Impastor.’”

Jones’ memo to his staff began:

To My TV Land Family,

It’s truly not an overstatement to say that I have loved every second of being at TV Land for the past 18 years as part of my 27 years with Viacom.  With that said, due to the restructuring, I will be stepping down from my role with the company.

To read the entire memo, please click on the link, above, which will take you to the complete Live Feed story.

LarryJonesLarry Jones

Goldberg also reports that “Viacom is poised to unveil a major corporate restructuring later this week.”

As previously reported, B&C said yesterday that Van Toffler, who has been with Viacom for 28 years, and who has served as president of the MTV Networks Music & Logo Group since March, 2008, is also leaving the company.

That B&C story added, “Toffler’s departure comes on the heels of a January earnings report from Viacom that failed to meet Wall Street expectations. Domestic ad revenue in the first quarter was down 6% and net earnings down 9% from a year ago.”

And thus, in the blink of an eye, two top Viacom executives, with a combined 55 years of company knowledge, history and experience, will be leaving.


  1. How in the world has Larry Jones been able to live with himself, and continue to reign as Pres of TV Land in the past several yrs, watching it progressively get sluttier and sluttier with the smutty scripts that just wouldn’t quit!! Just the commercials alone (and aired during family watching hrs), sends shivers. Is there no pride or morals anymore? It is really true that “The love of money, is the root of all evil”. Suffice to say, anything to keep the ratings up, continues to bring in that precious Amer dollar. The kind of dialoge that goes on in Hot in Cleveland makes anyone with a conscience sick and nausious. And the sneaky way the commercials are put together-making it look and sound like hundreds and hundreds of people were in an audience laughing and laughing, is just impossible, even with the “laughing machine”.There is no audience. Is it any wonder, when spreading this poison and yuk, there are ‘dirty’ minded people lusting and influenced from one of the episodes, to lust to the point of children or teenagers lusting for 60, 70, 80, and God forbid, 90 yr old great-grandmas!! Heaven help us. We really deserve the treatment of Isle rather than innocent people. Think about it. Its almost like anyone and everyone involved in this crap, is not caring what this is doing to the heart of God, who has given this country so much blessings, and just waving the middle finger at Him, saying, “F you”. We have seen His mercy. But haven’t seen anything of Gods wrath! How long do you think he will continue to put up with us blanketing this earth with the “dung” of what sin produces? Eternity is a long long time, make sure you spend it in the right place. And for heavens sake think of the right thing to say to Him on judgement day before you hear the words that will echo over and over in your soul eternally, “Depart from me, you who work iniquity”

  2. All I can say is it’s about time that they get some new blood in the office and revitalize the network and bring in a younger audience.And with the launch of the series (Younger) it will address a much-needed kool and trendy factor. So kudos to all that brought this show to the network!!!!!!!

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