‘Friends’ Co-Creator Explains Why a Reunion Won’t Happen

Apr 30, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The co-creator of NBC’s hit sitcom “Friends” says a “Friends” reunion won’t happen, and explains why that’s a good thing.

In an interview this week with Entertainment Weekly, Marta Kauffman says she understands that the show’s fans want to see it happen, but it would be a bad idea.

Says Kauffman: “Friends is about that time in your life when your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes.”

Kauffman says the show was about that time and those relationships, and there’s no going back.

“It’s not that you don’t love those people anymore, but it changes,” she says. “But to put them back together now when it’s no longer that time of their lives, there’s no reason for the show.”

Kauffman adds that she gets asked about a “Friends” reunion “every day.”



  1. All of our friends have reunions every few years to show off our kids and where we are in life. That would make a great show.

  2. The real answer in two words: David Schwimmer.

    The rest have all indicated they’re open to the idea. And, OF COURSE a reunion show (or movie) would be a huge hit. As Guilty Cleric notes families and friends often reunite after years apart…

    • I’ve always thought an interesting reunion show would work best if 5 of the 6 came back for the funeral of the sixth. Now we know who’s in the coffin!

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