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Robert Downey Jr. Walks Off of TV Interview Promoting the Latest Avengers Movie (‘Age of Ultron’) When He Says Interviewer Is Getting Too ‘Diane Sawyer-esque’

Apr 23, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“When Robert Downey Jr.’s done, he’s done,” reports the Los Angeles Times, adding, “And it appears that he’s done answering questions about things that happened years ago.

“The ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ star simply walked out of an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 on Wednesday after the interviewer’s questions turned personal — and stayed that way — about halfway through the promotional sit-down.

” ‘You seem OK, it’s just getting a little Diane Sawyer-esque,’ Downey told a sputtering Krishnan Guru-Murthy before tailing a publicist out the door a few minutes before the meet was scheduled to end.”

Here’s the video. Below it is a second video of Guru-Murthy interviewing — and pissing off – director Quentin Tarantino – in January 2013, when Tarantino was making the rounds promoting “Django Unchained.”



  1. If more did what he did when being interviewed it would stop these personal attacks. No one in the media attacks Hilary about anything. All questions should be prescreened and if there is any variation the interview should end immediately.

  2. The questions were “questionable” but they were not a personal attack. Downey had the right obviously to say he didn’t want to discuss those personal issues and if the interviewer is foolish enough to continue, he understandably should walk out. There is too much focus on the personal lives of celebrities. But to say all questions should be prescreened and if there is any variation the interview should end immediately is… well, stupid. That would result in pablum answers that are vetted and created by PR folks whose main purpose is to make sure nothing controversial, or interesting, is said.

  3. In my opinion, the interviews with Downey and Tarantino are both entertaining. Guru-Murthy succeeds in eliciting responses (and reactions) from each interviewee that allows us a glimpse of each interviewee’s personality other than what is created by their PR machines.. Speaking of which, surely Downey’s publicist had to have had some knowledge of the type questions Guru-Murthy might ask in light of the earlier Tarantino interview.

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