KFC Brings Back Colonel Sanders — Played by a Familiar Face From ‘Saturday Night Live’

May 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Fried chicken chain KFC has brought back its iconic pitchman Colonel Sanders, but this time around the colonel is played by “Saturday Night Live” personality Darrell Hammond.

The company launched its new campaign with a short clip posted online. Here it is:


  1. Just when you think you seen everything…

  2. Kind of pathetic.

  3. I don’t mind most of the new commercials, but at the end when he laughs he sounds like a pedophile. He is creepy and doesn’t represent KFC as well as they had hoped. Drop the end of the commercials and they will be better.

  4. I do not care for any of the new commercial. I love KFC and it wont discourage me not to go any more but I think that they degrade KFC….Please drop them…..

  5. I thought Tom Banks would’ve done better!

  6. I think the commercials are creepy and makes me not want to go near KFC. A disgrace to the original Colonel Sanders.

  7. I sure thought that Drew Carey is playing Colonel Sanders in the latest KFC commercial where he goes into the closet in his underdrawers and comes out in his white suit. Not Drew?

    • I thought the same thing.

  8. I thought the colonel was Kevin costner

  9. Bring back Robert Martin

  10. I thought it might be Keifer Sutherland

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