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Six TV Series Filming Outside of California Apply for Tax Credits to Relocate to the State

May 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

California’s recently expanded film tax credit program appears to be having the desired effect. The Los Angeles Times reports that six TV shows that have been filming outside the state want to relocate to California and have applied for the credits.

“The California Film Commission said six relocating TV series applied for $27.6 million in filming incentives during the first application period, May 11-17,” the Times reports. “Another 31 projects applied for $55.2 million in film and TV tax credits available for new series, miniseries, movies of the week and TV pilots.”

The commission indicated it is reviewing the applications, and did not disclose the names of the shows.

The Times report notes: “The FX television series ‘American Horror Story’ is among the TV series that have moved back to Los Angeles. Ryan Murphy’s hit horror anthology series, which has been filming in Louisiana, is expected to begin shooting its fifth season, ‘Hotel,’ in early July.”

The initial application period was for TV projects, with the next period under the new program, set for July 13-25, to focus on feature films and independent project, the report notes.



  1. Funny how liberal, progressive California wants to tax everyone, except when some of their own elite hypocritically object and move out of state, then miraculously, taxes waived! Those of you in the middle class… not so much.

    • Funny how many red states like Louisiana & Georgia are more than happy to give those California liberals hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually in order to rent an industry that’s not even based in their states.

      … it’s also funny how many of these shows immediately quit filming in those states despite getting an extra 5-10% in state subsidies as soon as they can get a similar subsidy in California.

      Maybe Georgia will up their subsidy from 30% to 50% in order to continue renting jobs from California? I’m sure Deal would do anything to retain the title “Hollywood South”, as if there’s a single film studio based there.

      • The difference is that politicians in red states don’t whine about “TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY” every time taxes on some industry are lowered. California politicians (and their liberal constituents) do exactly that … except when it comes to the entertainment business.

  2. Well, I hope they enjoy the drought conditions.

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