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Louis C.K. Gets Backlash Over Jokes on ‘SNL’ Finale — In Case You Missed It, Here’s His Monologue

May 18, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Louis C.K. is taking heat over controversial jokes he made in his appearance as host of the season finale of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The U.K. publication The Independent reports that C.K.’s trademark edgy comedy fell flat with a number of viewers — with his material on child molesters generating much of the negative response.

Among his comments was one comparing child abuse to candy. Said C.K., referring to Mounds bars: “They do taste delicious, but they don’t taste as good as a young boy does, and shouldn’t, to a child molester.”

CK also talked about racism and relations between Israel and Palestine during a monologue that courted controversy.

The response on Twitter focused largely on the child molestation jokes. Among the examples cited in the report, one user tweeted: “Yikes. I use to think #LouisCK’s humor was intelligent. Child molestation jokes? Brutal. #SNL fail.”

Another wrote: “#LouisCK you wouldn’t be joking about the neighborhood child molester if he had chosen you! No excuse for allowing this #SNL”

Some Twitter users were supportive, with one writing: “Anyone who thinks Louis CK defended child molesters on SNL is a moron. He’s a comedic genius exploring human nature. You suck. #SNL #LouisCK”

For his part, C.K. seemed to realize he was in risky territory, noting during the monologue: “This is my last show, probably.”

Here’s C.K.’s monologue:


  1. CK was just plain funny. It’s time Americans just stop trying to be so “politically correct” that we no longer are able to laugh at ourselves and just enjoy life. If you read anything else into the SNL appearance perhaps you should simply check yourself.

  2. He did exactly what comedians are supposed to. Shine a light on subjects, even uncomfortable ones and begin a discussion.

  3. Stop defending him just because he’s usually funny. If you listen to him long enough, he ALWAYS goes uncomfortably dark, egregiously offensive, even though he does not have to. Why? Because he’s disturbed, twisted and likely pathological. There’s no other explanation.

  4. Sorry folks, I disagree with both points. 1. No topic is off limits for comedy, depending on the audience.. 2.
    Louis CK is just NOT funny. I haven’t ever been able to figure out why he is so praised and fawned over. Oh, well, we all have different tastes in humor along with everything else.

  5. Just because a comic is insensitive or shocking doesn’t make it clever and artsy…let alone funny. Comedy from an extreme pain such as child molestation is just hostile, not poignant. I didn’t leave saying wow, that makes me think of molestation in a new light and I nedcto rethink.
    Problem for Louis CK is the follow up.
    What is left to shock…making light of the plantation owner (covering up his sex liaisons w his slaves) by shooting his white farm hand because the slave had the owners mix race baby.
    Louis CK got what he wanted and I wasn’t talking about him ever, now I am.

  6. I find it offensive that he likes Mounds bars.

  7. How is child molestation ever funny? Is this the new goal in comedy: to see what atrocities we can make people laugh at, to prove that no subject is taboo, no matter how painful? How does this help create more empathy for victims? I thought comedy was supposed to make me laugh, not feel: angry, sad, sleepless or hopeless. A person would have to be cruel and emotionally numb to think this is funny. Disappointed

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