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Bombshell: Former Cosby Co-Star: ‘Of course Bill Cosby is guilty!’

Jul 15, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“On Monday Joseph C. Phillips, a former co-star on ‘The Cosby Show,’ posted a blog entry titled, ‘Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!’ where he outlines his experience with the comedian — and his thoughts on the controversy,” reports CBS News.

The story says Phillips — who played Cosby’s son-in-law Martin Kendall on the sitcom ‘The Cosby Show’ — starts off [his blog] by calling Cosby — now 78 years old — his ‘boyhood idol’ — a big inspiration to him.”

In his blog, Phillips then relates this story about running into a female friend of his who also knew Cosby:

“Hey, do you mind if I ask you something?”

She looked at me and then asked, “Is it going to make me cry?”

I was a bit taken aback. “Well,” I stammered. “I hope it doesn’t make you cry.”

She smiled. “Go ahead and ask your question.”

“Back in the day,” I started. “I remember that you knew Bill – that he was like your mentor or something. Did he ever…”

Before I finished the sentence, she began to cry.

We spent the next two hours sitting on a bench talking. Through tears, she told me her story. She cursed him for violating both her trust and her body. She cursed herself for not being smarter, and for degrading herself in pursuit of success.

According to the CBS News story, Phillips then ends his blog with this: “Bill, you have a family who loves you, a wife who is devoted to you; you have more money than you can spend. Please, go live a quiet country life. Allow those of us who truly love you to preserve just a bit of our enchantment.”

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