Why Sinclair Station Group Re-Upped Early With CBS

Jul 10, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The Sinclair Broadcast Group agreed to a long-term affiliation deal with CBS even though most of the current contracts were to remain in effect until next year, Deadline.com reports.

The deal covers 16 CBS affiliates, which reach 7 million households.

Deadline quotes Sinclair General Counsel Barry Faber saying the deal gives the company “visibility on our network programming costs.” Faber adds that it “positions us to appropriately price our retransmission consent rights in our negotiations with [cable and satellite companies] as we move towards fully realizing the value of the programming offered by our stations.”

CBS Television Networks Distribution President Ray Hopkins is quoted saying the network received ”full value for the programming we will provide to their stations.”

Deadline adds: “Sinclair also renewed CW affiliations for 23 stations it owns or operates, plus nine others for which it handles sales.”

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  1. Seems like a no-brainer to me. If Sinclair is happy with the affiliations the have in place, why not renew and avoid the possibility of losing them, or being stuck in a bidding war?

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