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Former President Jimmy Carter Reveals That His Cancer Has Spread to His Brain — Carter, 90, Says He’s at Ease With Whatever Comes

Aug 20, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Former president Jimmy Carter said that the cancer doctors discovered earlier this year on his liver has also been found on his brain,” reports The Washington Post. “Carter, 90, said he will receive his first radiation treatment for the disease [this] afternoon.”

At a press conference today in Atlanta, Carter added that he will have “a total of four treatments scheduled in three-week intervals,” according to ABC News.

The Post also says that “Carter said Thursday that doctors found ‘four spots of melanoma on my brain — small spots’ after first discovering cancer during an Aug. 3 operation to remove a tumor from his liver.

“During that surgery, Carter said, doctors suspected that the cancer had originated in another part of his body. They later discovered the melanoma spots, about ‘two millimeters’ in size, on his brain.”

Notes the ABC News account, Carter “said he had already made peace with the news, and called himself ‘surprisingly at ease,’ although he added that when he first learned of the cancer in his brain, he thought he had just a few weeks left to live.

ABC News quotes Carter saying: “This is in the hands of God. I’ll be prepared for anything that comes.”

The report adds: “The 39th president added that he was not in much pain, saying ‘I feel good’ and that he hasn’t been weak, save some pain in his right shoulder, which his doctors said would be a natural occurrence for someone having liver surgery.”

The Post story adds, “As Carter noted, while in a majority of cases melanoma is a cancer of the skin, a relatively small portion of cases occur inside the body. … According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, ‘one of the most common primary tumors to spread to the brain is malignant melanoma. In nearly 50 percent of people with melanoma that has metastasized, the disease can be found in the brain.’”

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